EccentricIf one sets out to trace the origin of the concept of eccentric and investigate its fields of application, you will discover, for example, that it is an adjective that allows you to name the subject who owns a weird or quirky character or personality. This exposes the idea that there is behavior that is considered normal and that, with some variations, is shared by the members of a society.

That which is eccentric changes as a function of culture. For example: if a man who lives in Chile goes out into the street dressed in a skirt, he will be classified as eccentric. Instead, a man can wear such a garment in Scotland without the garment attracting attention.

This means that the same behavior can be eccentric for certain sectors or social groups but normal in another community. Members of various aboriginal ethnic groups tend to paint their faces and live almost naked. In any western city, on the other hand, a person who walks with his face painted in an unconventional way or who barely wears a loincloth will be considered eccentric (this custom is not part of the most common).

The eccentricity It can also be applied to the field of gastronomy. Certain traditional meals of a nation they will be eccentric out of bounds. Mate, a very popular infusion in Argentina and Uruguay, is rare for Europeans, who even confuse yerba with some kind of drug.

For the mechanics, on the other hand, an eccentric element is one that can rotate around a point that is not its center. This characteristic makes it convert continuous circular displacement into reciprocating rectilinear motion.

In the geometry, the eccentric is everything that is outside the center or has a different center from the one observed.

Eccentric faces in the cinema

EccentricIn the cinema there are several directors who are known for their style extravagant; some of them are Wes Anderson, Quentin Tarantino and Tim Burton. All of them are characterized by having led a life different from that of any “normal” person, which is reflected in their creations. In Burton’s case, he is passionate about dark and gothic-tinged works. In addition to being a director, he is a screenwriter and illustrator, and in all his films he works not only in directing, but also in design.

Among internationally famous actors, surely one of the male names that we could most associate with this type of cinema is that of Johnny Depp, the main protagonist of most of Tim Burton’s films.

Among the performances that Depp has starred in are that of a man whose hands end in two large pruning shears (“The Scissorhands Man”), who is discovered in a forgotten mansion and rescued from his be quiet to live in society. There the young man tries to show that everyone can accept the things that happen to them and still achieve a certain degree of happiness.

In addition, he has recently starred in the film “Dark Shadows.” His role is that of Barnabas Collins, a vampire who awakens after hundreds of years and tries to recover his family’s fortune, illegally confiscated by a millennial witch who was once an assistant to the Collins family, who is also responsible for the death of Barnabas’s girlfriend and her subsequent transformation.

Like these, all the roles that Depp starred in Tim Burton films have similar characteristics: dispossessed men, lost, who cannot be related usually with others, who feel misunderstood and who, in most cases, dress and have physical characteristics that separate them even more from the rest of mortals.