It is called driving school to the establishment who is dedicated to teach how to drive cars. The term is formed with the compositional element car- (referring to car) and the noun school (an institution that provides some kind of instruction).

Driving schoolDriving schools offer a practical and theoretical training. In this way, students acquire all the knowledge they need to drive safely.

The main objective of driving schools is to prepare those who wish to get driver’s license. Usually the Condition grants this permission to people who pass an exam, which requires demonstrating basic driving skills and knowledge of traffic rules.

Anyone who attends a driving school, within this framework, learns to guide the car and studies the laws governing vehicular traffic. With the knowledge acquired after completing the course, you are in a position to appear to take the exam in question to obtain the corresponding license.

Typically, driving schools have at least one vehicle so that learners can learn to drive. Many times it is a double commando car: that is, it has two pedalboards, the traditional one and another located on the floor next to the passenger seat. Thus, the instructor sits in the passenger’s place and can assist the learner if he does not accelerate, brake or engage sufficiently.

In general, driving schools do not have a fixed class schedule. Students can agree with the center and with the teacher on which days and times to receive the training.