Double Pisces? Iโ€™ve got both my Sun and Moon in Pisces. What can you tell about these signs or my personality?


Double Pisces? Iโ€™ve got both my Sun and Moon in Pisces. What can you tell about these signs or my personality?


  • Wow, you got the raw end of deal, lol. No, j/k. Well, for one if you haven’t tried ever drug under the sun at least twice then I applaud you. Pisces naturally lean toward recreational drug use. They get a bad rap, but it’s usually b/c they need to find an outlet and an escape. Living in your own imaginary world (cuz you know you do!) can’t always mend the pain. And since you have Pisces in both your sun and moon then I’m more than sure that the pain of the world has weighted your shoulders! But, I can also guarantee that you are a very strong guy who self sacrifices to ensure that your loved ones are happy and taken care of. You are definitely mysterious, a lot of women probably have a hard time recognizing your intentions or motives. You may seem cฬซoฬซฯ‚ฮบy or uninterested/detached. Part of that is you being wrapped up in your own thoughts -that probably never slow down. And part of it is you making sure that you have an actual connection with the person. If you have a girl that you are involved with that you can depend on, then take advantage. Open up to her, let out some of those bottled emotions. You don’t have to keep all of the weigh on your shoulders, help yourself by letting her help you. ~That last bit was a suggestion. :))

    Source(s): I have a wonderful Pisces b/f and I’ve always read about astrology!
  • Double Pisces

  • greetings…i am quite glad to come across another dual-piscean individual, like myself…lol we are a different kind of creature, to say the least…most folks still probably have a clue about us, even after having one of us explain what we know to the best of our ability (fish, esp dual fish, have never been known for “accurately putting their TRUE feelings into a language everyone can comprehend)…anyways, allow me to share some information with you that i consider quite good…hope this helps…

    12-12 Pisces/Pisces

    The combination of your Pisces Sun and Moon signs produces a dualistic personality and one that is quite difficult for the world to easily understand. You are highly introspective, almost to the extent that the outer world around you seems odd and full of what you perceive as weird notions. A tendency to withdraw, makes you strangely inaccessible at times. Yet you have a very warm and likable quality when you allow yourself to open up to others and let these traits show. You have an enormous faith in your intuition and your self-sufficiency, but at the same time, you value close relationships and social activity. For the most part the double Pisces is amenable, acutely interested in others, and a trustworthy friend.

    “Beauty of whatever kind, in its supreme development,

    invariably excites the sensitive soul to tears.”

    — Edgar Allen Poe

    Double Pisces

    The sign of Pisces often relates to sensitivity which may be displayed across a wide range of possible expression. This double-edged sword of sensitivity may, on the downside, represent vulnerability. Others may be tempted to dump all their problems on the Piscean person, who somehow feels obligated to help and feels guilty when they do not or cannot.

    On the more positive side, there’s a finely-tuned awareness that eludes most people. Subtleties are amplified and may even seem blindingly obvious to Pisceans. Perhaps not surprisingly, this being “in tune” includes prodigious artistic or musical talents whose visions or creations are shared to inspire or uplift those among us who are less personally gifted.

    When both the Sun and Moon are in this ultra-sensitive sign, a sense of responsibility to contribute something socially, culturally, or spiritually may be pervasive. In extreme cases this may even border on martyrdom.

  • You think like a Pisces..head and heart.

    I’m a double sign too. Sun in Cancer, Moon in Cancer. But technically…i could be considered a triple Cancer, as the Moon rules cancer…

  • pisces is the dreamer…and the child of the zodiac. they like to escape reality and go into their minds. they are usually artistic in some way and very quiet unless they are comfortable…then get ready for a funny, crazy person to be around. pisces are often prone to brooding and depression…as they are sensitive and slighted easliy.

    Source(s): lover of astrology
  • You are in for hard times, because Saturn is in retrograde, and Pisces is showing a rough time getting along with other Pisces. I would definately take this as a sign and stop socializing with humans.

    The stars show that your destined to join a commune and farm beets for the rest of your life. You will never marry, but will go into the Guiness book of World records for growing a 40 pound beet.

  • Your a sweet, Romatic, Sensitive Guy, who hates to argue, loves life.

    but life challange u with reality becuz u kinda fall for day dreaming.

    Source(s): Me
  • You are likely to end up with depression because you can’t handle reality and are overly emotional.

    sorry dude.

    Source(s): -aries

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