do i need glasses if i have 50 50 vision?


do i need glasses if i have 50 50 vision?


  • No. But I highly doubt that your vision was measured as 50/50. It’s like saying that I’m 3 foot 36 inches tall. Technically, that’s the same as 6 feet, but it isn’t how we measure height.

    The first number is the distance from the eye chart. The second number is the size of the smallest letters that you are able to read at that distance. So, 20/50 means you can read a size 50 letter at 20 feet. 20/30 means that you can read a size 30 letter at 20 feet (which is better). 50/50 means that you can read a size 50 letter at 50 feet. Since eye charts are always set 20 feet away, nobody is going to test you and find that you are 50/50. Please ask your provider again what your visual acuity is, because I am certain that you were not measured to be 50/50.

  • Some airline companies require their pilots to have 50/50 vision. And 50/50 is not exactly the same as 20/20. It is true that the numerator represents the distance between you and the chart. 20 feet is considered a sufficient distance for your lens to try to focus on approximate infinity. But 50 feet is more accurate. If you have 50/50 vision without glasses, your eyes are considered healthy and you do not need glasses in normal situation.

  • 50 50 vision doesn’t make sense. vision is measured by the top number being the amount of feet from an eye chart (always 20) and the bottom number being the line on the eye chart you can read without mistake. for example 20 30 is below average and 20 10 is above average

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