The concept of youth, a term derived from the Latin word iuventus, allows to identify the period that is located between the childhood and the adulthood. The United Nations (known as UN) has defined youth as the stage that begins at the 15 and lasts up to 25 years of life of every human being, although there are no precise limits in this regard. The higher life expectancies mean that, in certain aspects, people from 40 years are considered young.

YouthIn youth, the individual is developed at a sexual level but still lacks the emotional maturity that is required to face the conflicts of adult life. Adulthood, therefore, is a state that is reached through life experience.

Youth constitutes a heterogeneous social group where each subgroup wants to differentiate itself from the rest and from adults. Young people seek to develop a sense of belonging and, therefore, they group with their peers.

In this sense, given this need for identification and differentiation at the same time, it is important to emphasize that young people often decide to belong to certain groups based on their aesthetics or beliefs. Thus, for example, we find Catholic youth groups, socialist groups or various urban tribes.

Among those, based basically on the type of behavior or tastes as well as clothing, we find the youth who are part of the tribes of heavies, posh, rappers, goths, hippies, rockers or mods.

The cinema, like other artistic fields, has given an important role to youth. Thus, we find a large number of films that address this vital stage from different points of view not only to discover it but also to show the worst and the best of it.

Among the most interesting productions on that one is, for example, Dead poets society. Peter Weir was the one who in 1989 directed the same one that revolves around a literature class, his students and his teacher who tries to teach them that they must fight for their dreams and that they must live the present in the best possible way.

The friendship, loyalty and talent that resides in each young person are, for their part, the values ​​around which another film about youth revolves. Is about Discovering Forrester, from the year 2000, which stars Sean Connery and Rob Brown, who play a retired writer who will selflessly act as a teacher for a young man with great literary talent whose social conditions prevent him from developing that talent.

The idea of ​​youth is generally used to name both the group of young people and the condition of the young person. For example: “Youth is lost, every day there are more drugs and alcohol in the streets”, “I was a great soccer player during my youth”, “My uncle advised me to enjoy my youth because later the obligations and responsibilities come”.

Other uses of the concept refer to initial times of a certain thing (“The Milky Way, in its youth, was not stable”), to Energy or vigor (“My father is seventy years old but he shows his youth at all parties: he never stops dancing”) Yet the youth branch of a political or social organization (“The communist youth will organize their tenth national congress during the next month”).