In Latin it is where the etymological origin of the young term that now occupies us is found. Specifically, it derives from “iuvenis” which was the name by which the Roman censors referred to men who were between 30 and 45 years old. That word that came, in turn, from the verb “iuvare”, which can be translated as “support” or “help”.

The individual who is going through the youth: the stage of life that precedes maturity.

Among the words that can function as a synonym for young, we come across a boy, a teenager, a chicken, a boy, a young man, a child or a kid. On the contrary, among its antonyms are old, grandfather or old man.

Young manIt is important to note that there is no exact definition of youth, as youth does not extend into a precise or determined age range. Many times someone is considered to be young based on a comparison with others persons.

At a general level, it can be said that a young person has between 18 and 27 years old. Anyway, multiple factors Environmental, personal, cultural and historical can cause that delimitation to be modified.

The notion of youth also has to do with the context. A 40 year old president is young; a footballer of the same age, on the other hand, is a veteran athlete. Similarly, a 42-year-old man is young to be a grandfather, but not to be a father.

Suppose there are four women in a room, ages 70, 72, 75, and 84. In this framework, who is 70 years old is the youngest of the group. That same person, in other places, is very likely not the youngest, and even the oldest.

On the other hand, young people are mentioned as those who have the usual or analogous characteristics of those who are in their youth: vitality, vigor, freshness, etc. For instance: “My grandfather keeps his young spirit despite his physical problems”, “It is a young wine, with an intense aroma”, “It is important to maintain a young attitude despite the passage of time”.

People who want to stay young both physically and in “spirit” are very common not only resorting to undergo different operations or aesthetic touch-ups but also certain habits. Specifically, it is frequent that they exercise, that they carry out a healthy and balanced diet, that they make constant changes in the look of their hair, that they wear the latest …

In the same way, we cannot ignore the existence of a film that bears the term we are addressing in its title. It’s about “Eternally Young.” It is a film released in 1992, directed by Steve Miner and starring Mel Gibson.

It revolves around the figure of a test pilot who, full of pain over his girlfriend’s accident, volunteers for a secret experiment that will involve having his body frozen in a capsule. The years will pass and in 1992 they thaw his body so he comes back to life with the same appearance as decades ago.