In order to begin to know the meaning of the term in the past, we have to state that it is a word whose etymological origin is in Latin. Specifically, it is the result of the sum of these two components:
-The prefix “before-”, which can be translated as “before”.
-The noun “annum”, which is synonymous with “year”.

The concept refers to a past time period: that is, it is located in the last. For instance: “Children no longer study as they used to: now they use technology to search for information and read”, “In this small town several rituals of yesteryear are still preserved”, “The stadiums of yesteryear were smaller and had wooden structures”.

YesteryearWhen the phrase is used “As of old”, the usual thing is that a comparison between last and the Present. If a man mentions that he would like to spend the whole summer at the beach “As of old”, is implying that, at present, he no longer enjoys the entire summer season in a beach setting. Similarly, who says they would like to have lunch with the family on Sundays “As of old”, reveals that this shared family rite is no longer carried out.

You can also use the phrase “of yore” to name what it is typical of previous years, decades or centuries. It could be said, in this sense, that sending a fax is an action “of yore”: today it is much more common to establish written communications through a email. Traveling on horseback, writing on a typewriter, sending letters by post, and listening to music on cassettes are also customs or activities. “of yore”, which were left in the past by the advancement of technology (and the invention of the automobile, the computer and the Internet that allowed them to be replaced).

There are numerous famous phrases that use the word that we are now addressing. Among the most significant, some such as these stand out:
– “Do not look in nests of yesteryear, birds flying” (Miguel de Cervantes, writer).
– “I think with the Romans of yesteryear that the general of today should be tomorrow, if necessary, a private” (Thomas Jefferson, the Third President of the United States of America).
– “Today’s pilots are athletes who sell their skills for money. The pilots of yesteryear did not risk their lives for nothing, but sport came before money ”(Enzo Ferrari, Founder of the Ferrari team).
– “The great lords are almost the only people from whom you can learn as much as you can from the peasants; their conversation is adorned with everything that refers to the land, the mansions as they were once inhabited, the ancient customs, everything that the world of money is deeply ignorant of ”(Marcel Proust, writer).

It should not be overlooked that we also find the use of the same in wine. Thus, there is a winery in Spain, Bodegas Carrión, which sells what are “Vinos de Antaño”. They have the Rioja Denomination of Origin and present varieties such as crianza, reserva or tempranillo, among others.