From Latin scriptūra, the concept of writing is linked to the action and consequences of the verb to write, which consists of capturing thoughts on paper or other material support through the use of signs. These signs are generally letters that form words.

For instance: “Reading and writing are two skills that everyone must develop to integrate into society”, “I love writing: every night he dedicated me to creating poems and other literary texts”, “Rodrigo has a very poor writing: he makes numerous spelling mistakes”.

Writing is a system used to materialize a language by appealing to graphic signs.

Writing history

Writing can be understood as a system that, by means of certain graphic signs, allows the materialization of a tongue. Writing, in this way, makes it possible to develop a type of communication whose most remote antecedents are more than 6,000 years old.

The history of writing has a very remote origin since it is already considered that around 3,000 BC in Mesopotamia, and more specifically in the city of Uruk, a writing system made an appearance that already had a total of 700 very different that basically had a commercial function. And it is that they were used to carry out an exhaustive control of the wealth that existed in the temples.

However, it must be emphasized that another type of very important scripture throughout the centuries has also been the hieroglyphic that is considered the oldest, understanding writing with the same concept that we can understand it today. It was characterized, among other things, because it was based on the mixture of what were the pictograms and ideograms.


The term writing can refer to a document that proves a right.

From the pictographic to the phonetic

With the development of weather, writing took two forms. On the one hand, it is ideographic since it allows to convey an idea. Moreover, it has a form phonetics when representing sounds.

More exactly we can say that the writings of the whole world can be classified into two categories basically. On the one hand, there would be those of the pictographic type, which are those in which what each drawing does is represent either a word or an idea. An example of this class would be Chinese writing.

And on the other hand we come across the phonetic calls which are those in which the sound with which a word in question is pronounced in different languages ​​is represented. A perfect example of this type would be Spanish.

In this class we have to underline that it is divided into two subcategories. Thus, we find syllabic writing, in which each sign represents a syllable, and phonetic writing where what each sign does is show the sound of a letter.

Writing as documentation

Another use of the concept of writing refers to a documentation that, thanks to the signature of the subject who grants it and the faith given by a notary, accredits a certain right. The term is usually used with reference to the document that attributes the ownership of a property to a person: “Tomorrow we will sign the deed and we can take possession of the house”, “The authorities demanded that the man show the deed of the house, since his neighbor accuses him of being a usurper”.

When capitalized (Writing), the term refers to the Holy writings, that is, the Bible.