The group from people that is organized to achieve a common goal is called team. It is known as job, on the other hand, to human effort and productive activity for which remuneration is received.

Work teamThese definitions allow us to approach the concept of work team, which is the group of workers led by a manager. This team works towards the objectives of the organization.

In addition to all this, it must be made clear that it is considered that every work team has to go through a series of phases in its evolution. Specifically, those would be the following:

Training. In this first stage is when the aforementioned group is formed and in it situations such as anxiety, mistrust and even dependence can occur. On the positive side, there would be factors such as the illusion and the desire to commit to the objectives of that one and, therefore, of the company itself.

Agitation. This is when the team members begin to work as such and this can lead to certain conflicts arising between them for reasons of insecurity and even undervaluation.

Standardization. We could say that this phase is one in which the members of the group already feel part of a whole, collaborate and help each other, they have resolved the conflicts that existed between all of them and that translates into greater comfort in the workplace.

Realization. This is where harmony reigns within the team and that translates into appropriate, efficient and effective performance in order to achieve the proposed objectives.

The proper functioning of a work team depends on several factors. All employees who are part of the team must work to achieve the common goal. Solidarity, therefore, is essential within the group. This means that there is no place for personal brilliance or for internal competition that undermines the objective of the organization.

The manager or team leader, however, must know how to recognize the individual merits of each worker. In this way, it will encourage healthy competition to stand out, since all workers will want to access the prizes given to good performance. The businessTherefore, you will benefit from those individual efforts and the common goal can be more easily met.

But not only that. The person in charge of the aforementioned work team is also essential that they know how to motivate their members, that they know how to direct them and that they have the knowledge on how to “exploit” the best qualities and abilities of each one. In this way, it will be how each of the employees brings out their potential and thus the results and common objectives are achieved in the best possible way.

The personal relationships they are the key to a work team, even beyond professional capacity. An employee can learn from his peers and improve his professional skills. On the other hand, a person who has a bad relationship with the rest of the team will only cause problems and violate the common purposes of the company.