From Latin mulĭer, a woman is a person of the female. It is a term used in contrast to man or male, concepts that name male human beings.

WomanThe most specific use of the word woman is linked to the person of the female sex who has already reached puberty or to adulthood. Therefore, the girl becomes a woman, according to cultural parameters, from her first menstruation.

The social role of women has changed throughout the history. For centuries, the society considered that women should limit themselves to fulfilling their functions as wife and mother. Over time, women began to occupy more relevant social roles in different functions, both in the world of work and in politics.

At present, it is common to find women holding the presidency of a country (such as Michelle Bachelet in chili Y Cristina Fernandez in Argentina) or running large companies (such as Carol bartz in Yahoo!).

It should be noted that March 8 is International Women’s Day. It is intended to commemorate the struggle that women have had throughout the world for centuries to achieve equality with men. Thus, since 1911 this special day has been celebrated that serves especially to remember some women who died working.

It is specifically the death of a total of 126 women, between 48 and 14 years old, as a result of the fire that developed in the Triangle Shirtwaist shirt factory (New York) where they worked. And they died because the owners had closed each and every one of the doors of the industry as a result of the movements that those had led to demand a dignified treatment.

Equality of genderIn any case, it has not yet been fully achieved. It is usual for a man to receive higher remuneration than a woman for a job with the same responsibilities, for example.

The feminism It is the ideological current that fights for equal opportunities and opposes the sexism. Certain social practices and customs, however, still remain: when a woman marries, she becomes “the woman” of the man in question. Instead, the husband is not named as “the man” of the wife.

There are different expressions and terms that are part of our colloquial language and that are used to refer to various types of women. Thus, for example, it is common to hear the term fatal woman. This is used to refer to those women who have great physical attractiveness and sexual power that drives men crazy, who when they fall surrendered to them suffer unfortunate consequences.

In the same way, it is also frequent to speak of an object woman. In this case, it is used to make mention of all those women who are only valued for their physical beauty, for their attractiveness, and not for the rest of the qualities they may have.