The Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), in its dictionary, it recognizes the term wiring as a synonym for barbed wire and of screener. In both cases, the concepts are associated with wire: the metallic thread that is obtained by drawing (a process that consists of passing a metal through a row).

WiringA wiring, therefore, can be a fence that is developed with wires and supported by posts. The fences are used to close a land or property, preventing entry.

Steel wire is typically used, while posts can be made of metal, concrete (concrete), or wood. In rural areas, wire fences are used for livestock confinement and the delimitation of fields, for example.

The fences also have other uses. Sometimes it appeals to barbed wire to guarantee the security of an enclosure or a farm. In the stadiums of footballMeanwhile, fences are usually installed so that the public cannot access the playing field.

A fence protect private property. That is why from communism and socialism it is usually proposed unwire, verb not recognized by the RAE but that is used with reference to removing wires or wiring. In this sense we can mention the song “To unravel”, composed by the Uruguayan Daniel Viglietti and popularized by the Chilean Victor Jara.

As a synonym for wire fence, the wiring can be the net of wire which is installed in a window, is placed on the burning braziers or covers the food to optimize its conservation.