Definition of Wireless Network – What is, Meaning and Concept

Net It is a concept that comes from the Latin word challenge and what makes mention of the structure that has a characteristic pattern. The concept is used to name the set of interconnected computer equipment that they share services, information and resources.

Wireless networkWireless, meanwhile, is a system of electrical communication that does not use conductive wires. This means that said communication it is established without resorting to cables that physically interconnect the equipment.

A wireless networkTherefore, it is one that allows the connection of various nodes without using a physical connection, but establishing communication through electromagnetic waves. The transmission and reception of data require devices that act as ports.

The wireless networks allow to establish links between computers and other IT equipment without the need to install cabling, which means greater convenience and savings in infrastructure money.

In addition to the above, we would have to point out another important series of advantages that any wireless network presents:
• It is very easy to install. And it is that, as we have mentioned previously, it does not have wiring so it is avoided having to make holes in the walls to be able to pass that one.
• It becomes a more elegant installation precisely because it does not require having cables everywhere. In this way, it is guaranteed that the style or appearance of the room where it is put into operation will not be impaired at all.
• It allows a significant number of devices to be interconnected, both computers and tablets, mobile phones, peripherals such as printers or faxes …

As a negative point, this type of network usually has less security since, if it does not have efficient protection, the entry of intruders is very likely.

It is also important to be clear that in order to undertake what would be the configuration of a wireless network, it is necessary to have a series of elements that are absolutely essential. We are referring to the following:
• A wireless-type router.
• An Internet connection, if possible broadband.
• Wireless network adapters.
• A modem.

After having those devices, the aforementioned network can be started up. This is a task that requires undertaking essential steps such as placing the router, reducing interference, configuring the security key that the network will have …

According to the type of coverage, the wireless network can be classified as Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN), Wireless Local Area Network (Wlan), Wireless Metropolitan Area Network (WMAN) or Wireless Wide Area Network (WAN).

The WPAN network it is frequent in the technology Bluetooth. However, also within the WPAN network, technologies such as ZigBee and infrared are used to be able to put into operation what is any wireless network worth its salt.

Meanwhile, the WiFi systems they usually establish WLAN networks. Technologies based on WiMAX, for their part, allow the establishment of networks WMAN, while the networks WAN are used with communications GMS, HSPA or 3G.

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