A wire it’s a metallic thread that is produced by wire drawing. The action of drawing, meanwhile, consists of passing a metal through a row to reduce it to wire.

WireThe wires are obtained by stretch metals or alloys. The possibility of production depends on the ductility of the material: that is, of the property that allows them, before the action of a force, sustainably undergo mechanical deformation without breaking.

It is common for wire to be manufactured with aluminum, copper, iron or silver. The chosen material, as well as the diameter of the wire, depends on the use that will be given to the wire.

Up to half of XIV century, the wire was made by beating metal sheets to achieve the desired thickness. Said sheets were then cut into thin strips that were struck with a hammer. Over time, instruments known as rows came into use.

The wires can be wound on coils. This way it is easier to store and move them.

Wires are often used to build fences (fences that delimit or close a land). In this framework, it is common to use barbed wire, which has points every certain distance in order to make the passage even more difficult. With wire they are also produced springs, tights Y cables, for example.

On Mexico, on the other hand, a wire is called food that is cooked in a spike. In this wire rod are inserted chunks of meat, onions and peppers, ingredients that are roasted or cooked in a saucepan. Wires are often served alongside tortillas.