PudientePudiente it’s a adjective that comes from the Latin term potens and that refers to someone who has wealth or can. The concept can be applied to a person specific or a social group.

For instance: “Don Marcelo is a wealthy man who always helps the neighbors”, “I will not tolerate that the wealthy sectors of society oppose the progress of the lower classes”, “I would like to be someone wealthy to travel the world”.

The qualification of an individual or a sector as wealthy usually depends on subjective criteria. It is likely that there is a consensus that people who have a fortune of more than a million dollars, to put a number generally used as a synonym for wealth, are wealthy. However, other cases may be subject to controversy.

A person whose salary is barely enough to cover his basic needs may think that a neighbor who left for two weeks holidays is wealthy. The subject who went on a trip, on the other hand, does not believe he is wealthy, but he does maintain that people who can vacation for a month are wealthy, and so on.

In general, it could be said that wealthy individuals are those who can meet their needs, save and even spend on superfluous things. All of these people make up the wealthy class or upper class of a society.

It can be taken into account, however, that the economic situation of each person or family group may to vary over time. In this way, someone who is wealthy at the moment could become impoverished in the future, or a poor man could progress materially and become part of the wealthy sector.

All this leads us to understand that to be qualified as a wealthy individual we must have sufficient financial income or savings to lead a very comfortable life, in which there are no money-related concerns. Next, we will try to highlight the most common characteristics of the people who belong to this apparently privileged sector of society.

PudienteWealthy people have the freedom to travel the world. This is mentioned in one of the early examples as an elusive wish. While we do not all want to embark on trips to visit every corner of the planet, it is a sleep quite generalized, in particular when it is oriented to know very old cities, monuments or natural landscapes of incomparable beauty.

It should be noted that it is not necessary to be rich to buy a plane ticket, nor to pay for a hotel stay abroad; But with a tight budget we can only spend a few days, with the basic comforts and it will take us much longer to visit all the cities of our interest. A wealthy person, on the other hand, could organize a very long vacation, which would take him to visit several countries before returning.

Getting to have this economic pass is not a possibility that all of us have, but a minority: it can happen because of belonging to a very wealthy family or because of having an exceptionally good job. This does not mean that wealthy people do not deserve their privileges; As in all cases, there are those who achieve them with effort and by making good decisions.

For that reason, wanting to become a wealthy person is only the first step, and must be complemented with a plan based on hard work, determination, a commitment to put aside certain moments of leisure in order to continue building. the long-awaited future. Hopefully the Will iron can change our lives.