WatchtowerThe idea from watchtower it can be used in different contexts. A watchtower can be a tower built on an elevation to monitor what happens in the surrounding land or in the ocean.

Unlike other towers for military use, the watchtower is usually built in isolation. The height offers the security guard the perspective necessary to observe large areas and also gives them safety in the event of attacks.

Various concentration camps Y jails they had their own watchtowers. In these cases, the control was carried out towards the interior: that is, the inmates were watched so that they did not escape. In the military field, the watchtowers lost preponderance as a result of the development of technologies such as drones and satellites.

The Valmojado watchtower it’s a example of this concept. It was built in the XV century To over 650 meters above sea level in Valmojado, a Spanish municipality that belongs to the province of Toledo (in the autonomous community of Castilla la Mancha).

Watchtower it is also the name of several localities. In the Buenos Aires party of Magdalena, on Argentina, there is town of less than a thousand inhabitants that is called Watchtower. There are also administrative entities called Watchtower on Cucuta (Colombia), Ucayali (Peru), Veraguas (Panama) Y Badajoz (Spain), among other places.

It is known as Rambla de la Atalaya to a small volcanic cone and to a dry river located in Mazarrón, a municipality in the Spanish region of Murcia. More specifically, it is found in the Moreras blowout, at a distance from the municipal capital that is around 3 kilometers. Currently only half of its crater can be seen.

A genre of plants native of Australia, a Spanish theater company and a very popular confectionery, bar and bakery in Argentina which is on the way to Atlantic Coast (starting from Buenos aires city) are other elements called Watchtower.

Regarding the genus of plants, Atalaya comprises eleven species of trees and shrubs that belong to the family Sapindaceae. While they are native to Australia, two of the species they are found in Malaysia and Africa. Almost all Australian specimens are trees that grow in rainforests, although this genus appears in more parts of the country, both in arid and semi-arid areas.

WatchtowerDc comics used this term to give names to various bases used by the Justice League of America, a group of superheroes made up of the most important characters in the DC Universe presented for the first time in 1960. Among its representations is a space station orbiting the Earth and a building located on the moon.

In Jerez de la Frontera, in the Spanish region of Andalusia, there is a cultural space called Watchtower Museums where we can find, in addition to the museums, several multipurpose rooms and complex created with the aim of holding shows, celebrations and meetings of different kinds.

Other cultural activities that take place in the center thematic include meetings and conventions such as the summer cycle Bohemian Nights. The Andrés de Ribera Foundation is in charge of the administration of this group of museums, and the presidency is assumed by the Diputación de Cádiz or the mayor of Jerez de la Frontera, something that alternates every four years.

In the Spanish Navy, there is a series of four patrol vessels based on the station naval de La Graña, and one of them bears the name Watchtower (P-74). He is the last of the group and they sent him to Great Bank of Newfoundland while the halibut war was taking place, a number of clashes between Spain and Canada over fishing rights on that continental shelf.