WastelandIt is known as wasteland to Earth that it is not used for a productive purpose. This adjective is also used to qualify the land that it is not built or that it is not used for a defined purpose. For instance: “Last moment! They found a woman with her throat cut in a vacant lot “, “It cannot be that the land we inherited from our grandfather is a vacant lot: we would have to give it some use”, “Until a month ago this corner was a vacant lot, now it is a beautiful park where the neighborhood children play”.

The wastelands are usually considered as a social problem. As they are not taken advantage of, they are generally abandoned and without any kind of watch out. That is why in these areas garbage accumulates, weeds grow and different types of vermin inhabit.

The wastelands, on the other hand, are unsafe spaces. They tend to lack lighting, a characteristic that makes them frequent focal points for activities. criminal. It is not uncommon for the media to report the discovery of corpses that have been thrown into a vacant lot, or of murders, rapes or robberies that have been carried out in these spaces.

Given the conditions of the vacant lots, in which the aforementioned lack of lighting predominates, one of the recommended measures for anyone is to avoid traveling through these lands whenever possible; otherwise, if for reasons of force majeure someone must cross a vacant lot, then they must carry at least one flashlight to scare away those criminals who prefer to act in total darkness. The sprays Anti-rapes are also ideal for these situations, although their use is not as widespread in certain countries.

WastelandThe local government should be aware of the presence of vacant lots, but this should not prevent citizens from approaching the appropriate office to report any situation they consider dangerous or harmful to themselves and their neighbors. It goes without saying that there should be no places where crime proliferates, and that all waste should be deposited in public containers so that collectors can do their job properly.

Out of all the negative aspects that a vacant lot may have, given the insecurity that it entails due to the potential installation of criminal gangs and the problems of contamination due to the accumulation of waste, there are also some in which it is possible to enjoy a good time outdoors without these dangers. There are clean and safe wastelands, free of trash and criminals, spaces of land that have not been assigned any use and they do not receive maintenance from their owners either.

In a safe and debris-free wasteland, there can be quiet gatherings of people and animals who may not have access to a proper natural area. Big cities usually have several of these land, and dog lovers treasure them as if they were desert islands that they have conquered after several months adrift in the ocean: while the animals enjoy the open space without the restrictions that usually exist in public parks, their Human parents relax and play with them with an ease that is not possible for them at home.

In a symbolic sense, something is referred to as vacant when it turns out infertile, futile or lacking basis: “The presidential candidates spent two hours in a wasteful debate that did not contribute anything to society”, “I am not interested in the empty dialogue with my ex-wife, I just want her to comply with what the judge ruled”, “Minutes after the fact, the young woman decided to end the empty conversation with the officer and went home”.