WashedWashed is the action and effect of washing. East verb It refers to cleaning something, removing a stain, or purifying it. The action can also be developed in a symbolic way, referring to the intention to eliminate a discredit or erase some negative circumstance.

For instance: “Washing the car took over an hour, but it was a success: the vehicle was impeccable “, “I hope the washing is effective and that it can remove the stain from the jacket”, “The businessman invested thousands of dollars to develop the laundering of his image before the public opinion”.

There are multiple types of washing, with very different characteristics. Even in the meaning of the term linked to the cleaning, the particularities of each wash depend on the object to be washed.

The hand washing, to cite one case, is usually done with Water and soap. Usually the person open the tap or faucet, wet your hands and soap them. After scrubbing your skin with the soap for a few moments, place your hands under the tap again to rinse and remove traces of soap. In this way, at the end of the process, your hands no longer show visible traces of dirt.

Washing your hands, however, can have a symbolic meaning and refer to a attitude that has the purpose of not assuming guilt or responsibility: “The minister’s handwashing is unacceptable: we all know that he was the one who gave the order”.

The money laundering (a process that conceals the origin of funds generated with illegal activities so that said money appears as the result of a legal activity) and the brain Wash (a set of persuasion techniques to change the way a person thinks and acts) are other known types of washing.

Brain Wash

WashedAnother name for brainwashing is thought reform, and aims to alter the behavior, thoughts and beliefs of a person or an entire society, making use or not of the coercion, to be able to control them and lead them down a certain path, be it in religion, politics or any other field.

Although this resource has been used at various times in the history of humanity, it was only in the twentieth century that science intervened to achieve more effective results. These insights, which at one point were used for twisted purposes, eventually became tools that psychiatry harnesses to heal its patients, often combining them with the delivery of drugs to inhibit cognitive abilities.

Brainwashing can be achieved through a large number of methods of varying levels of violence, such as the deprivation of food (to generate in the victims a greater degree of credulity in what they are told and confusion that prevents them from correctly understanding what are living) and dream (what originates stress and loss of orientation).

It is believed that a month is enough to carry out an effective brainwashing and, depending on the case and the force with which the subject holds on to the ideas that are induced, probably very difficult to reverse.

This concept is often mentioned in societies whose governments firmly control the information that is published through the media. communication and the educational system, strategically avoiding certain data from the outside world and instilling in citizens a series of values ​​and respect for the homeland, almost without giving them the option of choosing an alternative (or knowing that it exists). It is a real nightmare reminiscent of the Allegory of the cave, from Plato, without the happy ending.