Warrior is an adjective that indicates that belonging to or relating to the war. When the term is applied to a person, refers to the subject who fights or fights, who is inclined to confrontation or who has a martial genius. For example: “Those are warrior costumes used in medieval times”, “Napoleon was a great warrior who dedicated his life to the study of military strategies”, “I want players who are warriors and never give a ball for loss”.

WarriorThe term warrior is also used as synonym of soldier and allows to name the people who serve in the military: “The Romans had so many warriors that it was impossible to fight against them”. Another use of this word linked to the military field refers to the fitted jacket and buttoned from the neck that is included in some army uniforms.

However, when talking about professional warriors, we must not only talk about a soldier but also a mercenary. These are the two categories in which the mentioned warriors can be divided. Specifically, we can say that the soldier is the one who fights for the benefit of his country while the second, the mercenary, is the one who fights in favor of those who pay the most money, regardless of the state and the ideology he has.

Many are the warriors who have exercised an important weight throughout history. However, among all of them we could highlight groups that have been considered as brave and fierce soldiers who at all times defended their ideas, their moral convictions and who fought for their culture and civilization.

Among all of them we would highlight, for example, the Spartans. These, as their name suggests, were the ones that make up the army of Sparta. It is interesting to note that the citizens of this State were educated from a young age to become the best soldiers, hence, already in their childhood they were military trained. They were feared by the rest of the armies of Ancient Greece.

However, other warriors who have also been praised as strong, brave and forceful are the Vikings, who became the most feared in the entire European continent for the weapons they used and for their ferocity, and the samurai. These were specialized in Japan in the use of the katana and were capable of dying in order to defend the honor of their lords.

In colloquial language, children are said to be warriors when they tend to annoy others with their antics.

Warrior It also allows to name different geographical locations: it is a Mexican state with more than three million inhabitants, whose capital is Chilpancingo de los Bravo; a municipality in the state of Chihuahua, also in Mexico; and a town in the province of Jujuy, on Argentina.

Guerrero is, on the other hand, a fairly common surname. Salvador “Gory” Guerrero He was a pioneer of Mexican wrestling, whose footsteps were followed by his son, Eddie guerrero.

The Argentine rower Eduardo Guerrero placeholder image (gold medal in Helsinki ’52) and the Spanish footballer Julen Guerrero are other personalities who share this surname.