The Latin word wardrobe came to our idiom What closet. This is how the piece of furniture which is used for store various objects, especially clothes.

ClosetThe cabinets have doors that allow you to protect your contents. Inside, it is common for them to present drawers or shelves for the organization of the elements. Many also have rods for hanging hangers.

Depending on the country, the closet is also called closet, closet, closet or showcase. These pieces of furniture can be located in different environments of the house, being the most frequent that they are installed in the bedrooms when they are used to store clothing. There may also be cabinets in the bathrooms for the storage of personal hygiene products and in kitchens to hoard utensils and food.

It is possible to differentiate between two types of cabinets. There are those who, beyond their weight and their dimensions, they could move (if a person moves, for example), while the built-in wardrobes They are developed inside the walls, leaving only the doors visible and integrating into the structure of the building.

The expression come out of the closet or come out of the closet, on the other hand, is used in reference to what a person when publicly and voluntarily expresses his homosexuality. It is understood that an individual who does not want or cannot recognize his sexual orientation in front of others is, in a symbolic sense, hidden or kept in a closet.

Coming out of the closet, in this way, means stopping hiding or displaying what, until then, was not wanted to show. It can be affirmed, on the other hand, that the wardrobe protects the subject from discrimination, the stigmatization and other behaviors based on prejudice and intolerance on the part of the society.