The action of to walk make reference to walk a certain distance. The term comes from way, which is a route through which you can travel.

The Humans and many animals are able to walk giving Steps. This movement is known as walking.


Walking is one of the most frequent forms of movement.

Walking, the most common gait of people

In general, when an individual wants to move from one place to another without using a vehicle, what he does is walk. This involves moving the legs to move forward, always keeping one foot in contact with the surface.

Who walks moves to low speed. If the subject accelerates He passed, causing that at times no foot is resting on the ground, runs.

When the person suffers from some kind of physical inconvenience that prevents you from walking normally, you can resort to a walking stick, a walker or other support so as not to fall. If the motor problem is more severe and walking is impossible, it is usual to use a Wheelchair as a scrolling method.

Benefits of walks

Doctors claim that walking brings multiple benefits to the Health. In fact, it is recommended to walk at least fifteen minutes a day, each at the rate they can.

Walking minimizes the risk of being overweight; prevent diabetes because they contribute to the processing of sugars; help improve cardiovascular function and circulation; optimize cognitive functions; and reinforce defenses.


It is possible to walk to visit natural areas.

Walking also has a positive effect on bones, joints, and muscles. On the other hand, it allows to control anxiety and reduce stress and it can facilitate the establishment of social relationships.

When walking you even collaborate with the environment. Cars and other polluting means of transport are often used to travel distances that can be covered on foot. He who chooses to walk instead of getting into a car, a motorcycle or a group (bus), therefore, is avoiding the gas emission that affect the planet.

The march, a sport that consists of walking

It is called athletic march yet sport which is based on walking as fast as possible, but not jogging or running. Each athlete must try to complete the established circuit in the shortest time possible to beat the other competitors.

Athletes in this discipline must always have one foot in contact with the ground: this way it is guaranteed that they are walking and not running. Who breaches this rule You can be warned by the judges and even disqualified.

It should be noted that the march is a olympic sport. The tests can take place on the track or on the road, with varying distances depending on the event.

Other uses of the concept

It is important to note that walking can be used to refer to what does something inanimate when it runs its course. The dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) also points out that walking can refer to get closer to a goal or objective or get underway.

By example: “The river walking is interrupted in summer due to the drought”, “If we get the loan, the project will start walking shortly”.