The term jacket it could come from the Italian word giulecco, in turn derived from Turkish yelek. The concept refers to a garment that lacks sleeves.

JacketA vest, therefore, covers the trunk but leaves the arms exposed. The usual thing is that it is worn over the blouse or shirt, although there are different models.

Sometimes the vest is a component of the formal outfit, being used together with a coat or levite. This type of vest is often used at weddings, gala dinners and other similar events.

The vests coatMeanwhile, they are worn under other garments. They are usually made of wool.

The photographer vests are characterized by their functionality. They have several pockets with zippers or buttons so that the person You can carry rolls (reels), memory cards, lenses, batteries, and other items.

The hunting vests and the fishing vests they are similar. In these cases, the pockets are used to store ammunition, hooks, chargers, sights, etc.

Members of the security forces, on the other hand, often use bulletproof vests. These garments serve as armor since, thanks to being composed of a succession of layers of fabric or fiber, they absorb the projectile impact and splinters.

Other vests that are very important for the safety are the lifevest. Those who wear such a vest in the water can stay afloat effortlessly thanks to the material and design of the garment. The use of life jackets is even usually mandatory when sailing.