Before entering fully into the definition of the term van, we are going to proceed to discover its etymological origin. In this case, we can indicate that it is a word that derives from French, specifically from “fourgoun”.

A van it’s a light vehicle with load capacity to transport goods or passengers, but it is smaller in size compared to a truck.

VanFor example: “The terrorists were traveling in a white van loaded with explosives”, “My uncle has a van and is dedicated to transporting goods”, “A man was arrested by the police when he was driving a van under the influence of alcohol”.

The vans present, in their rear sector, a zone of load. Unlike what happens in pickup trucks, this area is covered (roofed), being accessible through a two-leaf gate that opens horizontally.

In general, the cargo space of a van is free so that objects of considerable size can be moved. In certain cases, however, the area has seats, so that the van can be used for the transport of passengers. The usual thing, on the other hand, is that the vans have a front engine.

In addition to everything indicated, we have to establish that there are different types of vans. Specifically, among the most significant are the following:
-Box van. It is the one that is identified because it has a large cube-shaped cargo area at the rear. This area is independent of the cabin and can only be accessed through the area of ​​the rear doors.
-City van. This type of vehicle is what comes to be a “hybrid” between a city car and a small van. It has a large loading area and is the most used in cities by professionals such as parcel deliverymen, for example.
-Van with crew is, for its part, the one that, as its name suggests, not only has a storage area but also has seats to carry passengers. It is a vehicle widely used by singers when they travel from one city to another with their team to give a concert, for example.
-Van with a platform is, on the other hand, the one that is identified because its rear part is uncovered and has sides that can be lowered in order to be able to better upload a load to the vehicle.

Volkswagen transporter, Citroën berlingo, Renault kangoo Y Fiat fiorino they are some of the most popular vans. These vehicles They are usually used by large families and by merchants who need to transport small quantities of merchandise.

A person that has a commercial premises dedicated to the sale of cookies, to cite one case, you may need a van to be able to make purchases and transport boxes of the products that you purchase wholesale and then sell at retail in the vehicle.

A van can also become the starting point of a deal. Someone who buys a vehicle of this type can dedicate himself to moving or offering the transfer of goods.