Assessment is he process and result of assessing: appreciate or recognize the value of something or someone. The verb value can also refer to indicate the price of a good or a service.

AssessmentThe asset valuation, for example, it is the procedure that is carried out to estimate the value of a company, a share, a patent, etc. This valuation is usually developed before defining an acquisition or an investment, to name two possibilities.

The art appraisal, meanwhile, combines financial and aesthetic criteria to determine how much an artistic work is worth in the market. Based on these valuations, the auctions are carried out.

In the field of sport valuation is also used. In the basketball or basketball, the valuation is calculated from different statistics and allows the player performance measurement.

To measure the value of a basketball player in a game, his points, assists, rebounds, blocks or blocks, steals and fouls received are added. Missed shots, turnovers, blocks received and fouls committed are subtracted from this score. The Outcome is the valuation in question.

Suppose a basketball player scores 14 points, with 7/10 on two-point shooting and 0/1 in triples. Also take 6 rebounds, lose twice the ball, receives three fouls and commits another two. Taking into account what has been explained above, your assessment is fifteen:

14 points + 6 rebounds + 3 fouls received = 23
3 missed shots from two points + 1 missed triple + 2 losses + 2 fouls committed = 8

23 – 8 = 15 rating