In Latin it is where we can establish that the etymological origin of the term unusual is found. Specifically, it derives from “inusualis”, which is the result of the sum of the following lexical components of that language:
-The prefix “in-”, which means “no” or “without”.
-The term “usus”, which is used to indicate “the continued use of something.”
-The suffix “-al”, which is equivalent to “relative to”.

The adjective unusual is used to qualify what it’s not usual (usual, normal). The unusual, therefore, is rare or atypical.

UnusualFor instance: “Experts are concerned about the unusual behavior of the hurricane”, “It was an unusual game: after 10 minutes we were already winning two to zero and we had one more player”, “These temperatures are unusual in this city”.

Among the words that can act as synonyms for the unusual term we are dealing with, we can highlight some such as unusual, unusual, unusual, rare, unusual or unusual, for example. On the contrary, among its antonyms we can highlight words such as usual, habitual or accustomed.

Take the case of a region characterized by dry weather. It is a desert area, where only about four or five days a year there are rains. If there is a streak of four consecutive days with rainfall, it can be said that it is facing a unusual situation: It is not common for something like this to happen.

Now consider a writer preparing to present his new book. Typically, the authors invite the press and readers to attend a launch event held in a venue such as a library, a cultural center or a museum. If a novelist prefers to organize the presentation in a pizzeria, many will claim that he chose a unusual site for this type of event.

All the weird, strange or not used can be classified as unusual. Nowadays it is unusual for a young man to decide to wear a bow tie and top to go dancing, to mention a case, or that a person who lives in a city chooses not to have a cell phone (mobile), email or Facebook account.

In the same way, there are events throughout history that have been described as unusual and that were captured in photographs. Among them we can highlight, for example, that in Iran in the mid-nineteenth century there was execution, but a very unique execution: by cannon. This means that the condemned man tied himself to the muzzle of that weapon so that it would be fired when it was activated.

Sometimes the unusual depends on the culture. While in the Peruvian Amazone it is common for the inhabitants to eat a large worm known as suri, this practice is totally unusual in Buenos Aires (Argentina).

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