The Latin word adunāre derived, in our idiom, on join. This verb refers to gather, join, harmonize or add different elements to satisfy a certain objective. For example: “We must join forces to move forward and overcome this difficult situation”, “The president plans to summon all the governors of his party to unite criteria”, “Joining actions against dengue is essential to curb the epidemic”.

JoinIt is common to use the idea from “Join forces” when the need or convenience arises for different sectors or people work together with the same purpose. Suppose that, in a country, there is a serious problem with drug trafficking. The president, faced with this reality, asks “Join forces” to regional rulers, the security forces and the opposition political parties so that they all develop actions in the same direction, trying to eradicate drug trafficking.

In addition, it is precisely established that it can be used to refer to what international cooperation is. Specifically, it is established that this is an essential piece when it comes to combining efforts, resources and work in order to achieve goals that are beneficial at a general level.

In the same way, it is considered that when there is a serious problem in a city, community or country, it is essential that not only ordinary citizens but also the different authorities (local, provincial, regional, state …) join forces. . This is how it will be possible to do everything necessary in order to achieve the aforementioned objective: to solve the aforementioned problem.

An example would be domestic violence. Although it has not been possible to stop in Spain, the truth is that, more and more citizens, associations, groups of various kinds and administrations do everything in their power to try to avoid it. Hence, social campaigns, demonstrations, workshops and educational courses are carried out, hardening of legal measures, creation of police units prepared to address these situations …

The concept of “agree on criteria” It’s similar. In this case, the expression usually refers to the act of agree on precepts, instructions, projects, plans, etc. When the criteria are combined, there are no contradictions or misunderstandings. The owner of a business You can summon managers and managers to define what the company’s discourse will be when announcing an increase in the prices of its products. In this way, different explanations can be avoided.

Joining, in short, implies congregate, agglutinate or arrange something, with the conviction that the Union it will deliver a better result than can be achieved by the parties acting separately.

In the same way, we have to establish that AUNAR is a center specialized in comprehensive prevention, health and sports stimulation services. He has a decade of life in which he has worked both for companies and for public organizations. In these cases, their work has been none other than undertaking their functions in the management of sports activities, rescue and first aid, training, cardioprotection …