The idea from turbulence, which derives from the Latin turbulent, refers to the condition of that which is turbulent (messy, hectic or cloudy). The concept is often used in reference to effect of air currents on an aircraft.

TurbulenceIt can be said that an airplane passes through a zone of turbulence or that it suffers turbulence when it moves violently due to changes in speed and speed. address of air currents. Although the phenomenon is feared by many people, current aircraft have the ability to withstand these actions of nature without problems.

These turbulences can have different origins. Turbulence appears when the movement of air particles is disorderly and eddies or eddies are generated. The cause of this phenomenon can be the clouds that develop vertically or the sudden change of the speed and the direction of the wind, to name two possibilities.

You have to know that some aerial areas are classified as very turbulent due to the meteorology that develops in them, because they have the so-called intertropical belts, because storms are common … Specifically, it is established that among those places with more turbulence are the Amazon area, Ecuador, the Pyrenees, the Alps …

Precisely to avoid going through conflictive spaces like these, it is established that pilots, when creating the flight plan, have in their possession several tools that help them to do so. Specifically, they have the help information provided by the air traffic controllers, the information provided by the meteorological satellites and also what are the aircraft radars themselves that have sensors that provide data on the weather conditions.

The most intense turbulence causes an airplane to change its altitude and speed. That’s why in the inside it feels like the aircraft is “Shake” and that objects move. Also walking down the hall is impossible.

Likewise, it should not be forgotten that, as a result of the advancement of technology, it has opted to introduce in some more modern aircraft a unique device that responds to the name of “turbulence mode”. It is a device whose main function is to ensure that the passenger feels the least possible turbulence in their seat when they take place outside the aircraft.

When you travel by plane and face a streak of turbulence, it is best to sit in the corresponding seat, fasten your seat belt and avoid having objects that are loose in the surroundings and that, due to these ups and downs, could end hitting someone.

The notion of turbulence can also mention the agitation of the Water or other fluids. For instance: “Sailing this morning is a high risk activity due to the turbulence of the water”, “When the sauce boiled, the turbulence caused the lid of the pot to come off”, “The turbulence threw me out of the canoe”.

Finally, turbulence can be linked to bewilderment or to disorder: “The resignation of the mayor generated some turbulence, but soon we will recover the normal functioning of the municipality”.