TumultTumult, with etymological origin in Latin tumultus, is a term that refers to bustle, the shouting or the disorder that provokes the action of a crowd. According to context, the concept can refer to different situations.

For instance: “In the tumult I lost a shoe”, “By celebrating his goal in a vehement way, the Swedish player caused a tumult on the field of play”, “The arrival of the artist to the national territory promises to cause a tumult”.

A riot can be a fracas or one din. Suppose that, in the Chinatown of a town, a man begins to shout discriminatory phrases and insult the Asian community. His words generate a tumult, as many come to reprimand him and begin to push him.

Riots also arise when many persons they intend to do something simultaneously. If hundreds of admirers of a singer gather at the door of the hotel where he is staying and, seeing him leave, pounce on him, there will be a riot.

In riots, due to their characteristics, there can be robberies or other incidents that are difficult to clarify given the agglomeration of individuals. When there are many people waiting for the arrival of a train to the station, in the tumult they can act thieves taking advantage of the circumstances.

TumultFinally, it is the name of a Chilean band of rock which was founded in 1972. In their two stages of activity, they released six albums. On 2004 there was the death of one of the founding members of Tumult: singer and bassist Poncho Vergara.

Tips for getting out of a riot unscathed

TumultAlthough it may seem absurd, the first advice we must give in this case is to avoid by all means being part of a riot, especially one that is formed for purposes violent. Of course, we cannot always decide to avoid crowds, and that is why it is necessary to know how to act to escape unscathed.

One of the collateral problems that a riot entails is the unwanted run-in with the law. Police forces are sent to put order, and it is not easy for them to distinguish between the “good” and the “bad”, between those who have been involved in the crowd by mistake and those who have conscientiously trained it for a purpose determined. Regardless of the opinion that each one has of the way in which the agents of security, the important thing is not to receive a blow that we do not deserve, and that is why we must avoid any attitude that could make us suspicious.

The tumult can be defined physically, as a large group of people, or emotionally, as the result of a chain reaction that can begin with the action of a single person. We must remember this at all times, the ease with which emotions are contagious, to maintain sanity and not deviate from our ultimate goal: to find the right Exit. In addition, if someone attacks us, regardless of our position in the face of physical violence, we have the right to defend ourselves, and this may depend on whether we manage to get out alive.

Perhaps the best advice of all is walk on and on, never stop, and avoid eye contact with the other participants, especially with the “agitators”. If we keep our heads down without losing the perception of our environment, then we have a better chance of reaching the goal. Let us not forget that in the midst of an uncontrolled situation we will not be able to dialogue, so our best option is to leave the area as soon as possible.

Finally, our movement must always go in the direction of the majority, since if we go against the mass we are more likely to be run over or attacked. As long as we can identify the end of the tumult that we decided to get out ofWe just need to walk as calmly as possible.