TrunkThe etymology of the term trunk it is not clear. According to the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), the etymological root could be found in the French word bahut. A trunk is a drawer or one cash register large that has a lid and is used to store clothes and other objects.

For instance: “I have to get the winter clothes out of the trunk because the weather is cooling”, “I still have many toys from my childhood in a trunk that treasure with love”, “I will keep this blanket in the trunk since I do not think we will use it anytime soon”.

Also know as bunker, ark or chest, the trunk is a piece of furniture that can be located in different environments of a house. Their caps are usually convex and can sometimes be secured with a wrench.

Today many people continue to appreciate the aesthetics of old trunks, with their characteristic shape, but there are also more simplistic designs, which opt for a better use of space in the context of a home. The normal thing is that they abandon the convex cover in pursuit of a totally flat one, with a mechanism interior that keeps it open for comfort, avoiding the need to turn it until it locks in the back.

Thanks to this and other characteristics of modern trunks, it is not necessary to have so much space available in the house to locate them. Far from being used to store gold coins or war spoils, these furniture are very practical to make better use of the available space and free the shelves of those items that we will not use for a few months, as well as to protect those that we simply want to keep. for his value emotional.

In several countries Latin Americans, on the other hand, is called a trunk car compartment for storing luggage and other items. This compartment is also called trunk or trunk according to geographic region: “I don’t know how we are going to keep so many bags in the trunk of my car”, “If you want we can carry the bottles in the trunk”, “I have a trunk full of boxes with company documentation”.

TrunkThe trunk is usually located in the rear sector of the vehicle. In older cars a person You must use a key to open the trunk: most modern cars, on the other hand, have an automatic tailgate that opens and closes remotely.

As a proper name, we find it in many examples, such as the town of Spain located in the municipality de Baza, in the province of Granada. This Andalusian town is located to the west of the region, of which the municipalities of Benamaurel, Caniles, Cortes de Baza, Cuevas del Campo, Cúllar, Freila and Zújar are also part. Nearby we can also visit the nuclei of Gor and Los Balcones.

In Guatemala there is a Deposit Mayan archaeological site called El Baúl, with an invaluable pre-Columbian legacy. It is one of the three sites that make up the Cotzumalhuapa archaeological zone, along with El Castillo and Bilbao, of great importance for the country. Its northern acropolis is located 550 meters above sea level, 4 km beyond Santa Lucía Cotzumalhuapa. The southern one, on the other hand, was demolished in 1997.

The Venezuelan town of El Baúl, on the other hand, is in Cojedes and its foundation took place in 1744 by Fray Pedro José Villanueva, who baptized it with the name of Saint Michael the Archangel of the Mouth of the Tinaco River. Some scholars believe that its nickname arose as a result of the characteristics of its geography, which place it between rivers and hills.