Even Latin you have to leave, symbolically speaking, in order to find the etymological origin of the truncated term that concerns us now. Specifically, we can say that it derives from “truncare”, which can be translated as “amputate” or “cut”.

Truncated it’s a finished which derives from truncate. This verb, for its part, refers to interrupt something, leave it unfinished or cut it. The truncated, therefore, is not complete.

TruncatedThe notion appears regularly in the field of geometry. A truncated cone It is the sector of the figure that extends from the base to another plane that is responsible for cutting the generatrices. In a similar sense, the truncated pyramid It is the sector of the pyramid that goes from the base to another plane that interrupts the lateral edges. This sector constitutes a polyhedron.

Continuing in the field of geometry, the truncated cylinder is a cylinder that ends in two blueprints they are not parallel.

In the math, the concept of truncation to refer to the reduction of the digits to the right of the comma (which works as a decimal separator). Thanks to truncation, in this way, the digits that have less relevance are left out.

For example: if we have the number 5.782263 and we want to appeal to truncation to obtain a truncated number with only three decimal digits, the result would be 5,782.

In the same way, we cannot ignore that the term at hand is also used in banking jargon. Specifically, it uses what is called a truncated check. Basically it is a procedure by which the checks that are sent are prevented from being sent physically from the depository bank to what is the drafted bank. If it is avoided, it is because the aforementioned checks are computerized, which is why they are debited and credited using technology.

Thanks to this process, what is achieved is to streamline the relevant collection procedure and also provide it with maximum security, since it prevents them from being stolen or lost.

On Argentina, on the other hand, there is a town call Truncated Peak. Colloquially known as Truncated, is located in the Patagonian region, in the south of the country, and belongs to the province of Santa Cruz.

Oil and gas are the main economic resources of Truncated Peak, a town with more than 20,000 inhabitants which also has a park wind power.

In addition, in a colloquial way, the term in question is also used. Exactly it is usually used to give form to the expression “truncated dream”. It is used to refer to someone who has seen that something that he had always wanted and that he saw as possible becomes impossible.

This would be the case, for example, of a person who has always dreamed of being a singer but one day, due to any illness or accident, loses his voice forever. At that point, his dream has been cut short for life.