TrumpetA trumpet it’s a wind instrument what to do music thanks to the passage of air through its interior. Its structure consists of an extensive tube that widens and emits a sound different according to how it is blown.

For instance: “In the next album we will include several songs with trumpet”, “When I was ten years old, my dad gave me a trumpet”, “What would a jazz band be without a good trumpet?”.

The person what is this instrument is known as trumpeter or even simply as a trumpet: “My dream was to be the best trumpet in Latin America”, “The presentation was suspended due to trumpet disease”.

To produce the sounds, the trumpeter must blow into the nozzle of the instrument. The air advances through the tube and exits through a sector known as campaign. Through three pistons, the musician can create different tunings. Each time a piston is squeezed, it acts in different ways on the trumpet tube. With regard to tessitura, the rank The basic trumpet is two and a half octaves, ranging from the piano’s third F sharp to the middle C, although there are exceptions that depend on both the instrument and the skill of the musician.

It is believed that the first trumpets were created with horns of different animals. These prehistoric instruments were used in ceremonies and also for purposes communicative. Over time, trumpets created with white hair and other materials of plant or animal origin, until the discovery of the bronze.

Although it is possible to find the use of trumpets in different musical genres, for several decades this instrument has been associated with the jazz. In this sense, several of the most recognized jazz players in history were trumpeters, such as Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie and Louis Armstrong.

Ruben Simeo

TrumpetIn 1992, Rubén Simeó was born in the Spanish city of Vigo, a prodigy trumpeter for whom a bright future awaited. His father is also dedicated to playing the trumpet and was his first teacher: Rubén began to study this difficult instrument at the age of 7 at the Vigo Conservatory. From his first forays, he did nothing but receive compliments and collect important awards.

Throughout its short but intense trajectory, Rubén has managed to get Maurice André (a French trumpeter considered by many to be the greatest in recent times) to sponsor him. He was only 14 years old when André discovered him and decided to make an exceptional hole in his schedule to make him his successor, publicly declaring that he was a child with all the necessary skills to reach the top in the trumpet domain.

Given his talent for music, concerts and television presentations, they did not wait: there are videos on the Internet that show him since he was 8 years old playing in the company of orchestras and dazzling by his technique and expressiveness, in addition to the considerable age difference between him and the rest of the musicians. It is worth mentioning that natural talent is only part of the equation; learning to play the trumpet requires great discipline, a lot of dedication and the willingness to sacrifice certain moments of leisure.

Curiously, the first instrument Rubén became interested in was the cello, which he began to study when he was only 6 years old. However, given his father’s profession, the little prodigy borrowed his father’s trumpet to play, and thus discovered his new passion. The repertoire that most attracts him is the virtuosic one, since it can cause very intense sensations in his audience and thus connect with him.