TropicThe Latin word tropicus led to tropic, a word that has several uses in our tongue. In the field of astronomy, the tropics are two circles that are located parallel to the Ecuador (the largest circle that can be drawn on the earth’s sphere and that is perpendicular to its axis) and that intersect with the ecliptic (the circle that is created from the intersection of the celestial sphere and the plane of the orbit of the Land) at a certain point.

The geography, for its part, names as tropics the parallels that cross the latitudes where the ecliptic and the Earth’s sphere intersect. In the southern or southern hemisphere, it is called Tropic of Capricorn. In the northern or northern hemisphere, on the other hand, its name is Tropic of Cancer.

The land areas that lie between the two tropics are known as tropical. These regions have common characteristics in terms of their climate, its vegetation, etc. Rainfall on the tropical terrain is abundant, which favors agricultural activity.

In the tropical countries, the temperatures do not usually vary too much during the year, although they can change a lot in the same day. The climate helps the vegetation to be dense and diverse, with the presence of jungles in the area closest to the equator.

Tropico, on the other hand, can be used as adjective to name what is linked to it trope (The rhetorical process that consists of using an expression with a figurative sense, different from the one attributed to it literally).

Most popular tropical destinations

TropicThe planet offers us a great variety of landscapes and climates, capable of satisfying the needs and tastes of those who can afford to change their hemisphere when the time of year they like least approaches. The inhabitants of the countries that suffer the most from winter tend to crave the everlasting heat associated with the tropics, starting their vacation plans as soon as the first whispers of the Christmas wind are heard.

Some of the main tropical destinations are as follows:

Aruba: it is a paradise of the Caribbean Sea that is located a short distance from the coast of Venezuela and offers spectacular beaches where the Sun never rests;

Barbados: The tourists who most tend to appreciate this destination are Canadians and Americans. In this country, which is among the most developed in the Caribbean, there are many activities to enjoy nature, such as scuba diving;

Cancun: one of the most sought after sites by tourists, especially for not requiring an economic investment as high as some of the alternatives. It is the ideal destination to enjoy family vacations;

Dominican Republic: another tropical paradise, coveted especially by Europeans seeking to escape the inevitable winter cold. It is part of the Island of Hispaniola and offers marine activities and beaches that compensate for the scarcity of cultural attractions;

Puerto Rico: If you are looking for a typically tropical climate, then Puerto Rico is the destiny suitable. Thanks to its relationship with North America, its infrastructures and means of transport are modern and attractive;

St. Lucia: it is a Caribbean island that stands out for its beautiful landscapes and in which the well-known Hotel Chocolat, highly sought after by tourists for its breathtaking views of the Twin Piton Mountains, the services top of the line and its delicious chocolate. It is recommended to visit it in its dry season, between the months of January and April;

Jamaica: This is the place where the Reggae and, for many, it is reason enough to visit it. But it is also a meeting point between the mountains and the sea, something irresistible for nature lovers.