The Italian term trombone arrived in Castilian as trombone. The concept makes mention of a wind musical instrument made of metal and can emit sounds corresponding to different voices.

TromboneUsually constructed of brass, the trombone is shaped like an open tube that rolls up on itself. There are, however, different kinds of trombone according to the sound they can emit.

It is possible to distinguish between tenor trombone, the alto trombone, the contrabass trombone, the bass trombone and the soprano trombone, among others.

A complex musical instrument is the trombone if we take into account the wide set of elements that shape it, such as the drain cock, the ring, the rod, the elbow, the supporting bridge, the ring of the slide, the socket of nozzle, the fitting tube from the pump to the instrument, the support stand or the thumb cylinder, among many others.

It is considered that the trombone that we know today as such derives from a primitive trumpet from Ancient Egypt that was built with materials such as silver or gold. However, in the Middle Ages it began to be manufactured using an alloy that resembled bronze and was called auricalcum.

While in ancient times the instrument It was used to play religious music, today it is used in jazz bands and symphony orchestras.

Notably, the soprano trombone is also known as trumpet of rods. Over the years, the characteristics of the instrument’s wand were modified and today the wand trumpet is usually always included in the family of the trombones.

The person Who plays the trombone must blow through a mouthpiece. The air moves the instrument rod and produces the different sounds, which vary according to the pressure and how far the air column extends. Some trombones, however, have valves. The sound finally comes out through the pavilion.

The musician who plays the trombone is often known as trombonist, although it can also be referred to simply as a trombone. Rico Rodriguez, Vladislav Aleks√°ndrov, Mike gibbs and Dave Panichi are some of the most recognized trombonists in the world world.

There are many tips that exist to play the trombone well, although among the most significant are the following:
Lip vibration exercises must be performed daily.
When you are going to blow, you have to do it by expelling the air slowly and warmly.
Before any class, it is essential that the relevant warm-up exercises are carried out.
Every day it is necessary to practice with what are the scales, both the major and the minor.
It is essential to try to rehearse in a pleasant way so that you do not touch boredom. That is why the ideal thing is to bet on starting with compositions that you like and even doing it with a partner.
It is essential to perform exercises to increase what is flexibility.