The Italian word superchieria arrived in Castilian as trickery. This is what a scheme, a trap or a cheated.

Specification of a fraud

Deception involves the replacement of something true with a false element. In this way a fraud. For instance: “The trickery of those who tell the official story and hide the tragedy of the vanquished is outrageous to me”, “Scientists must be in charge of proving the falsehood of the hoaxes”, “Enough of tricks, I want to know what is really happening”.

Fraud fraud

Trickery is characterized by presenting a lie or a half-truth

In the first example we are faced with a deception because the issuer denounces the twisted attitude of those who have in their power the recapitulation of the most important events of our species, such as war, but they do so by focusing on the victory it represents for their side. and leaving aside the suffering of the opposite. This tactic is used in many areas to prevent the consumer from noticing a negative aspect in the message, so that they receive a lie or, what is the same, a partial truth.

The second sentence focuses on another field. Although he does not elaborate in detail the object to which he refers by the term trickery, can be interpreted as the activity of people who dedicate themselves to spiritism, clairvoyance and cartomancy, among other professions whose authenticity has not yet been proven by science. Since they can cause so much suffering to those who fall into their trap, the issuer demands that the community of scientists expose them with irrefutable evidence.

Finally, the word trickery refers to lies that, similar to the first example, are intended to put a veil over the truth to prevent people from having access to all available information. We can negatively add any attitude of this type, but unfortunately it is more common than the opposite in any field where there are underlying economic and political interests. For example, Business They do not tell us the degree of pollution and labor exploitation that sustains them, but the benefits of their products.


It is called priestcraft to the action carried out by a priest or other religious when he dedicates himself to preach for praise or personal gain. In such cases, the preacher leaves humility aside and is guided by vanity.

The role of the priest is that of a channel between God and the people. It is true that you must use your imagination to convey the posts of his Father in a pleasant and shocking way, but it is not in him to create them. It is not he who brings light to humanity, nor who deserves eternal faith. However, since he is the only material person who stands in front of dozens of believers to help them see this light, he can become confused, feel the center, and thus fall into deceit.

He who commits priestly deceit – an expression that appears in the Book of Mormon– speaks more about himself than about God in their sermons, which he prepares with the intention of showing off as a speaker and favoring entertainment. In this framework, deception is associated with pride.


If the priest confuses his importance with that of God, he commits deceit

As a proper name

“Trickery”, on the other hand, is the title of a song by the Argentine band of rock Rabid fish. Made of Luis Alberto Spinetta, is part of the album “Artaud”, edited in 1973.

On “Trickery”, Spinetta it combines waltz, rock and jazz in the different parts of the song. As for the lyrics, it is usually considered as a criticism of the religion and superstition.

TrickeryIn addition, it is a rock group from Buenos Aires which took the name of the song from Spinetta. Founded in 2007, that same year he presented the EP “Trickery” and three years later, his first full-length album: “A house behind”.