In the judicial field it is called judgment to the procedure that arises from a conflict of interest, which is submitted to the analysis of a court or a judge. The competent authority, after the development of the trial and according to the evidence and testimonies collected, issues a ruling that puts an end to the controversy.

Trial by juryIs named jury, meanwhile, to the institution that enables citizens to participate in the Justice administration. Through this mechanism, a group of people chosen by lottery are involved in the prosecution of certain crimes, having the responsibility of issuing a verdict linked to the proof of the facts.

Members of the jury are also called jurors. Is about men and women without legal training that, once drawn, are brought together to make a decision in a specific case. Typically, the jury must indicate the innocence wave culpability of the accused.

A jury trial, in short, it is a judicial process that is carried out with the participation of citizens for the dictation of the verdict. The function of the jury has a scope established in the legislation: in general, the procedure is directed and regulated by a judge, who is in charge of detailing the content of the sentence and setting the sentence.

Those who defend and promote jury trials emphasize that it represents a democratization of the Justice, since citizens are committed and participate directly.

In Spain, this type of trial is also known as a popular trial and other advantages stand out, such as the following:
-It is an important step taking into account the legitimacy crisis that exists and even the increasingly less positive vision of the judicial system among citizens.
-It is a jury made up of impartial people.
-It becomes a tool that has a clear pedagogical and educational function on imparting justice.

Opponents of this system, on the other hand, warn that trial by jury can consolidate social prejudices and generate a tyranny imposed by the majority.

In the same way, other arguments used by those who are against a jury trial are these:
-The members of the aforementioned jury do not have technical knowledge about what are the different complexities of the legal, judicial and legal fields.
-The members of this jury are influential and can be carried away by public opinion or by what they have heard in the media about the case before taking part in this type of trial.
– Likewise, it is indicated that opting for this kind of lawsuits implies that the judicial administration has to face a significant series of expenses. And the fact is that the members of the jury have to be isolated, so you have to find accommodation and support them, among other things.
-If the verdicts they carry out are not supported by compelling reasons, motives and evidence, these may cause that the pertinent sentences have to be reviewed later.