The French word transformisme arrived in Castilian as transformism (or trasformism, as also endorsed by the Royal Spanish Academy). The first meaning that appears of the concept in the dictionary of the RAE alludes to the theory that the mutability and dynamism of nature.

TransformismTransforming, in this framework, is considered as an idea that preceded the evolutionism. Just as transformism already indicated that natural elements did not present characteristics or fixed conditions, evolutionism demonstrated that there are multiple factors that generate variations in the species.

The notion of transformism, however, is often used to refer to the activity carried out by a drag queen: an individual who characterizes like a person of the opposite sex. A man characterized as a woman, according to this definition, is a transformist.

In this way, transformism is the characterization of a men like a woman or vice versa. The transformist not only concentrates on the clothing, but is also usually makeup to modify his features and adopt the gestures and the Way of speaking of the other gender.

It is important to keep in mind that transformism is not always linked to sexual identity. Many times it is a artistic manifestation or a change that is adopted within the framework of a fiction.

Take the case of the movie “Mrs. Doubtfire “, known in Latin America What “Potato forever”. In the film, the character played by Robin williams was a family man who resorted to transformism to pretend to be woman and thus be hired by his ex-wife as a babysitter to take care of their children. As can be seen, this man did not dress in a feminine way because he felt like a woman: it was a strategy to be close to his family.