From Latin transfers, transfer is a term linked to the verb to transfer (transfer or send a thing from one site to another, grant a domain or a right). The term is very common in the field of Commerce and the business to name the operation that consists of transferring a sum of money from one bank account to another.

TransferFor instance: “Let Gómez know that the transfer is done”, “Until I have credited the transfer, I will not send the packages”, “Martínez said he made the transfer but the money still hasn’t reached me”.

The mechanism of Bank transfers It has changed a lot in the last few years. Before it was necessary to go to a branch of the Bank and complete different forms; currently, transfers can be made directly through Internet.

It is important to emphasize that there are various types of transfers. Thus, for example, when they are made having as origin and destination accounts from the same bank, they are called transfers.

Specifically, we can establish that those are classified based on the geographical area in which they take place, the way in which it is carried out or the period in which it takes place. Hence, we basically find the following typologies:

National transfers. These are those that have the same country as the stage both in terms of sending funds and receiving and collecting them. In the case of Spain, to be able to carry out one of these, the payer is required to provide a total of 20 digits, which correspond to the code of the client account of the person who is going to receive the monetary amount in question.

International transfers. As its name suggests, these are the ones that are defined because both the person who performs it and who the beneficiary is are in different countries. The international account number (IBAN) and the bank identification code (BIC) of the financial institution from whom the payment is received are the basic data needed in Spain to be able to manage this transfer quickly and easily.

In the same way, it must be emphasized that the fact of carrying out this banking operation entails the payment of a commission from the person who is going to carry it out to the corresponding financial institution.

For the psychologyOn the other hand, the transference is the feelings that come from the last but that the individual projects on new social ties. These affects are usually directed towards parents or other important subjects of childhood, appearing in adult life from the phenomenon of transference.

Psychoanalysts claim that transference occurs naturally, although it may be a positive transfer (loving feelings) or a negative transfer (feelings of rejection).

In the computing, the data transfer is the sending of digital information from a computer (computer) to another. The concept can be used to name the download of information from a server: “I was downloading a movie but the data transfer was interrupted”.