QuietQuiet is a term that is used synonymously with Calm down, placidity or peace. When something is calm, therefore, it is calm, serene or immobile. For instance: “After the storm, the moment of calm arrived”, “I was on the street all day, working and doing paperwork: at night I just want a bit of peace”, “It seems that, in this country, no ruler can have a moment of calm”.

Peace, on the other hand, can be understood as the opposite of shock or to agitation. A practical example for these concepts is obtained by analyzing the meteorological conditions: a region enjoys tranquility when there is no wind and there is no rainfall, conditions that imply an alteration of the calm.

Peace of mind can be physical or spiritual. A person that, since he wakes up, he cannot rest for a minute due to his activities and obligations, he will understand peace as that moment when he can sit or lie down without having anything to do. In this case, the calm will include a bodily element. On the other hand, a subject who feels nervous and stressed since he does not have a job, will experience peace when finding a job and getting out of the situation that distressed him.

In all senses, the usual thing is that calm is associated with something positive, which implies the absence of nervousness, seizures or violence. For this reason, in general, it can be said that people seek peace, at least at certain times of the day or in stages of life.

QuietIn the world of Pokémon, one of the most successful Japanese series in the world, which has video games, cartoons and movies, among other products, there is a town called Sosiego, located northeast of Sinnoh. In addition, it is located west of the Quiet Ruins, where the Unown live, authors of a series of inscriptions that hide the location of a treasure.

The science of tranquility

The Spanish writer Ramiro Calle is the author of a book entitled «The science of tranquility«, In which he tries to explain to his readers the formula to reach that state, just as he had previously done with love and happiness. In its pages you will find the result of a deep reflection on the phenomenon of tranquility, looking for the key to achieve it if we propose it and turning it into a series of tips and guidelines highly valued by its followers.

While treating quiet as science It may seem cold, Calle explains that it should not be thought of that way, since science is wisdom, knowledge, skill and ability, all elements that are part of the life of human beings and that help them to move forward; It is not simply a series of numbers and letters for the decipherable few found in a less crowded library, a concept that many have of science.

Calle considers calm to be a philosophy of life, but also a science that we can all study, and a source of knowledge in itself. So much so that in his book he exposes his theory of calm and inner calm, an experience of insurmountable intensity and depth, with the power to transform us and put us in contact with our spiritual side.

Who can say that you don’t need peace in your life? Today, more than ever, given the nature frantic life of so many people, with obligations that drown them and very little weather and energies to find themselves, «The science of tranquility»Can represent an invaluable instrument to learn to use our time more efficiently and focus on making our time in this world a better experience.