TranceFrom french transe (which, in turn, originates from the Latin transire), trance is he decisive, critical and momentous moment that a person can go through. For example: “The actress is going through a difficult trance after the death of her daughter”, “Juan was able to overcome the trance with the support of his loved ones”, “In the midst of the trance, the man had the lucidity necessary to make a call for peace”.

The trance can also be the last time of the life, next or immediate to the death: “The last trance found him alone, away from his family and wrapped in terrible pain”, “He went through the mortal trance with great nobility and calm”.

Trance, on the other hand, is the state in which the soul feels that it reaches a mystical union with God. It is a psychological mechanism by which a person surrenders to certain conditions (internal or external) and experiences a new state of consciousness: “The shaman went into a trance and began to make guttural sounds while moving frantically”, “After drinking the mysterious elixir, Anethuamen fell into a trance and had visions of the future of his community”.

Nowadays, many people find themselves caught in the unbridled rhythm of life in society, and it is common for them to look for a way out, an escape route to clean their awareness and get closer to your spiritual side. Shamanic trances are states that are achieved through various methods, some that include the use of certain substances, and those who have experienced them often describe them as a revealing and unique experience.

It is worth mentioning that for certain indigenous cultures, shamanic trances are paths that they travel regularly and normally, and they do so to keep your soul, mind and body in balance. From his point of view, an urbanized Western society is far from such a spiritual balance.

TranceThe shamanic world does not consider the human being as the main piece of the universe, although it recognizes its importance and its obligations to maintain the harmony of all existence. We belong to a great web of life, and we are responsible for its Balance as much as the other members. Although there are very few shamans in the world and they are confused by the large number of scammers who take advantage of people’s ignorance, some believe that through trance techniques it is possible to build channels that lead to the knowledge that our own possessed. ancestors, to recover what civilization has taken from us.

According to shamanic wisdom, its techniques allow us to modify the filter that we apply to our perception of reality, and thus show us a large number of planes that we cannot normally appreciate. These methods of entering a trance are doors to a series of non-individual knowledge, which is presented to us and which we cannot modify or enrich. It is said that on the other side the information of our entire existence, of all possible events, of our past and of our future.

The shamanic trance changes the lives of many people, but not everyone dares to try it more than once. It is known that the first sessions are usually induced by the consumption of some substance, under the supervision of a shaman, and that once a certain experience it becomes possible to absolutely do without drugs. However, since in the wrong hands the consequences can be very serious, it is advisable to document yourself well before taking the first step.

Those who define themselves as mediums affirm that trance is the condition in which paranormal phenomena are manifested. The trance state involves neurovegetative and kinesthetic changes and is usually associated with spiritual enlightenment.

The trance, finally, is a electronic music genre characterized by long chords, synthetic sounds and rhythmic percussion base.