The toys are elements that children use to play, thus acquiring various capacities. The term derives from play: a recreational action that is carried out for entertainment and that, on occasions, includes a competition with losers and winners.

ToyThanks to the toys, the boys enhance their psychological and physical development. These products they allow them to interact and perform analyzes and explorations that help them grow.

There are toys that are associated with certain cultures and times. Over time the designs and materials changed, many times due to a greater awareness of the dangers of these items.

The balls and the toys They are among the traditional toys that are popular all over the world. It should be noted that there are simple toys and others that include electronic components.

It is important to note that, in addition to children’s toys, there are other kinds of toys. The toys for pets, for example, they serve to entertain dogs, cats and other animals. The idea of sex toy, on the other hand, it refers to a device that an adult uses to enrich his intimate life and obtain or give erotic pleasure.

The object or individual that is found is also mentioned as a toy dominated by a force external: “The ship was nothing more than a toy of the sea, which moved it as it pleased to the rhythm of the immense waves”, “I’m tired of being my boyfriend’s toy, I’m going to separate because I don’t want to continue suffering from his whims”, “The boss thinks that we are all his toys, but there are labor rights and he must respect them”.