A region It is an area that is delimited based on certain characteristics, which may be historical, economic, geographical, administrative or otherwise. Tourist, for its part, is that linked to tourism (The activity that consists of making a trip and spending the night in a place other than one’s own for leisure, rest or other reasons).

Tourist regionThe concept of tourist region It is used to name that territory that, due to having certain special characteristics, is of interest to tourists. It may be a region characterized by its natural beauties, its story or its cultural offer, to name a few possibilities.

A tourist region is attractive to the traveler. That makes many people choose her as destination of your trip. For example in Argentina, one of the most important tourist regions is the Atlantic Coast. It is the territorial strip located next to the Atlantic Ocean, which covers various cities and parties. Tourists often choose this tourist region during the summer season to enjoy the Beaches.

In the case of Venezuela, on the other hand, we can know that it has a great variety of tourist regions, such as Llanos, which has great natural beauty marked by enclaves such as the savannas or the Guayanés Massif, and the Amazon jungle.

On the other hand, in Spain one of the most important tourist regions, after being classified as such by the European Union (EU), is the Canary Islands, mainly due to the volume of visitors it receives annually. In his case, what most attracts tourists are its beaches, its mild climate throughout the year and also the interesting and particular natural spaces, such as the Teide Park or the Yellow Mountain, among many others.

So relevant is this region that during these years it has managed to position itself on some occasions above other emblematic tourist attractions of the old continent, such as the Italian Tuscany, the Tyrol or the Alps, among others. What’s more, it has even managed to receive a greater number of visits than cities as significant as London, Paris or Rome.

However, it should not be overlooked that in Spain there are other tourist regions that are also very attractive and successful, such as the Balearic Islands, which has even become the preferred place to spend half the year by citizens of the rest of Europe. , or Andalusia. And it is that in both cases they also offer a wonderful climate and majestic natural enclaves, without forgetting the rich architectural and artistic heritage of the Andalusian lands fundamentally.

The alpine region is another tourist region, in this case located in the lands of countries such as Swiss, Italy, France Y Austria, among others. Millions of tourists travel each year to the Alpine region to practice winter sports and appreciate its landscapes.

Tourist regions usually find their main economic activity in tourism. Visitors, upon arriving in the region, spend on accommodation, food and entertainment: it is about money entering the region. For this reason, the authorities of a tourist region must develop the necessary infrastructure to attract more and more visitors who contribute to increasing the local wealth.