In order to find the meaning of the term thunder, it is necessary that, first of all, we proceed to know its etymological origin. And in this case we can say that it derives from Latin, specifically, from “tronitum” (thunder) which, in turn, came from the verb “tonare”. This can be translated as “thunder” or “rumble.”

It is called Thunder to the noise that is linked to a lightning. The rays, meanwhile, are intense sparks of electricity that are generated by a discharge between the clouds.

ThunderThe lightning, when produced, increases the temperature of the air immediately; in this way, the air increases its volume. However, it soon mixes with the colder air around it and contracts again. Expansion and subsequent contraction causes shock waves that cause thunder.

For instance: “My son is always scared when there is thunder”, “Poor Bobby! If he hears thunder, he hides under the table “, “Last night I couldn’t sleep because of the thunder”.

The man analyzes and studies thunder for thousands of years. Aristotle was one of the first thinkers to propose a theory about it: the Greek philosopher argued that the noise was produced by the clash of the clouds. Later it began to be thought that the rays generated a empty which then caused the noise.

Today it is believed that thunder is caused by the shock wave caused by lightning suddenly heating the air. The sound caused by thunder is sometimes so loud that it approaches the pain threshold for women. persons.

Through an equation it has been estimated that each three seconds delay between the lightning strike and the appearance of thunder, there is One kilometer away. Therefore, if we observe lightning and six seconds later we hear the thunder, said lightning will have fallen two kilometers from distance.

One of the best-known fictional characters in Spanish literature bears the term in question in his name. We are referring to Captain Trueno, the protagonist of a series of comics that was made by the screenwriter Víctor Mora and the cartoonist Miguel Ambrosio and which is considered the most successful so far in the country.

In 1956 it was when that character appeared, for the first time, that was a knight of the Middle Ages who traveled the world willing to help those who needed it most and to defend those who were humiliated and outraged. Along with him appear other characters who become his most sincere “squires” such as his friends Crispin and Goliath as well as his girlfriend Sigrid, the queen of the island of Thule.

This fictional creature has also been brought to the cinema under the title “Captain Thunder and the Holy Grail.” In 2011 the same one that was carried out by Sergio Peris Mencheta was released. The rest of the cast was made up of actors of the stature of Adrián Lamana, Natasha Yarovenko or Manuel Martínez.