A Greek word came to Latin as thronus and then to our idiom What throne. The term refers to seat used by sovereigns or monarchs. For instance: “Confused, the king rose from the throne and demanded that everyone leave the room”, “His Majesty requested that the food be brought to the throne”, “The sultan stumbled on his way to his throne”.

ThroneUsually the throne is used in solemn ceremonies and official acts. East seat characterized by its ornamentation is usually located in a high place and, many times, under a canopy. The objective is that the authority that is sitting on the throne stands out from the rest of the people who are in the same environment, which is usually called a hall or throne room.

Many are the rooms that in monuments and historical buildings use in their denomination the term that now occupies us. This would be the case, for example, of the Throne Room that exists in the Royal Palace of Madrid.

It is a room that is right in front of the windows that overlook the Plaza de la Armería and is starred by two thrones, with arms with golden lions that give them elegance, inspired by the one that the King Carlos III. This room is decorated by the Italian Felice Gazzola (1699 – 1780).

Another space that also uses the term that concerns us in its name and that is a reference is the Throne Room of the Alhambra (Granada). It is known, in the same way, as the Hall of Ambassadors, it is located in the Torre de Comares and has the particularity of being the largest room in the entire enclosure.

Tiled baseboards, rich plasterwork and original ceramics take center stage in this enclave, where the sultan had his throne and attended to certain matters of interest, which is surrounded by a total of nine bedrooms.

Beyond its characteristics as a physical element, the importance of the throne was always symbolic. Accessing the throne represents having the can to rule a people. That is why the concept is used, through metonymy, to name a monarchy in general.

In the same way, we cannot ignore that one of the most successful television series in recent decades is precisely called “Game of Thrones.” It is based on the literary saga “A Song of Ice and Fire”, written by George RR Martin, and revolves around the different conflicts and fierce struggles between various noble families who wish to occupy the Iron Throne of the continent of Westeros.

The notion is also used to refer to any place of privilege or to a position that implies leadership: “Channel 6 retained the throne of national television by becoming the most watched channel for the eighth consecutive month”, “Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have been fighting for the throne of the best player in the world for years”, “With this title, the Spanish tennis player regained the throne he had lost in 2012”.