The first thing we are going to do, before going fully into establishing the meaning of the term thrombus, is to make its etymological origin clear. In this sense, we can say that it emanates from the Greek, more precisely from the word “lump”, which can be translated as “clot”.

The concept is used in the medicine to name a blood mass that appears within a come to, a artery or a capillary.

ThrombusThe development of a thrombus can impede the normal circulation of the blood and make the flow not reach a organ or a part of the body, which can lead to serious problems of Health. A thrombus can cause the destruction of tissue to cause the death of the victim.

There are several symptoms that indicate that there is a thrombus in some part of the body. Specifically, among the most frequent are the following:
• Pains after sports that arise spontaneously and that diminish or disappear when raising the legs.
• Redness of the legs.
• Superficial veins are very marked.
• Sensation of heat and heaviness.
• Specific pain in the extremities.
• Edema.
• Incrise of cardiac frecuency.
• Fever.
• Dyspnea.

When the clot is created in a certain vessel and stays there, it is called a thrombus. On the other hand, if the clot appears in one part of the body and then moves to another, we are dealing with a case of embolism.

Thrombi can appear for various reasons. When a person you suffer from an alteration in the flow of your blood (from being in a state of rest for a long time, for example), it is possible that you suffer a thrombus. The same can happen from changes in the composition of the blood or from the rupture of a vessel.

In addition to all the above, we have to say that there are certain people who are more predisposed to suffer a thrombus. Specifically, we are referring to those who are older, those who have undergone major surgical interventions, pregnant women or those who take oral contraceptives, those who suffer from inflammatory bowel diseases …

Of course, it should not be forgotten either that, in the same way, it is more common in people who spend a long time bedridden or immobilized due to heart failure or a stroke, for example.

Medical treatments are those used at this time to prevent the appearance of thrombi in all those prone to suffering individuals. Hence, they are prescribed certain medications and they are advised actions in the matter of diet, such as reducing salt.

It is possible to qualify a thrombus as Red or White according to the disposition of the blood components. The red thrombus, also called clotting thrombus, exhibits messy and mixed components. At white thrombus, which can be called apposition thrombus, the components of the blood are organized in a transversal way and alternating with depressed spaces.

The process of developing a thrombus and the clot itself are known as thrombosis, a disorder that can lead to a stroke or heart attack.