It is called tube to a hollow element that is usually in the shape of a cylinder and that usually has at least one open end. Test, for its part, is the act and result of rehearsing (practicing or taking a test).

Test tubeA test tube It is a piece made with crystal that is used in chemical laboratories to perform different types of analysis. These tubes are closed at one end and open at the other: in this way, it is possible to introduce substances into them.

Many times the test tube has a plug that allows to close them temporarily. This makes it easier to preserve your content, preventing spills or losses. Although most of the tubes are made of glass, there are also some of Polypropylene or other plastic materials that are disposable (thrown away after use).

The test tubes, which can be up to eight inches long and usually no more than two centimeters wide, are stored in a rack. Made of metal, plastic or wood, this device has openings where test tubes can be inserted. The rack thus supports the tubes.

In addition to all the above, we cannot ignore that test tubes facilitate transferring a liquid to another container thanks to the fact that they have straight sides and that they have a round shape. And it is that these two characteristics allow that action to be undertaken losing the minimum of mass.

In the same way, it is also necessary to know that the long neck that these articles have that are used in the laboratories of many companies and industries what they do is help to slow down the diffusion of vapors that may exist.

When test tubes are made of materials that can expand, they can be placed on a flame so that the substances that it houses react to the change of temperature. This, of course, cannot be done if the test tube is not fire resistant as the material may melt or fracture from the high temperature.

When making use of any test tube, it is established that it is essential that a series of security measures are complied with in order to avoid very dangerous situations for those who use them. Specifically, among the most significant are the following:
-It is essential that, at no time, the tube is directed towards the face when a preparation is being carried out or when a chemical reaction is being carried out. And is that if it were done, the person could cause from eruptions of all kinds to burns or severe damage to the eyes.
-In the same way, it is determined that it is necessary that when a tube is to be placed on top of a heat source to heat it up, the tube should always be picked up with wooden tweezers and not by hand. This is the way to avoid severe burns.