The first thing we are going to do in order to unravel the meaning of the term we are dealing with now is to determine its etymological origin. In this sense we have to say that it derives from Greek, since it is the result of the sum of two components of that language: “tele”, which can be translated as “far”, and “kinesis”, which is synonymous with “movement”.

It is called telekinesis to the phenomenon consisting of move objects with the power of the mind; that is, without touching them and without appealing to a physical cause. Because science has never shown that this phenomenon can occur, telekinesis is usually discussed in the context of what paranormal and of the pseudosciences.

TelekinesisThose who claim that telekinesis exists argue that a person you can make use of your psychic apparatus for influence the physical world. It is possible, according to this position, that the brain generates a Energy able to move objects. There are those who even attribute telekinesis to the supposed energy that the dead can generate through their spirits, ghosts or other class of entities.

In a broader sense, it is called psychokinesis to the mental capacity that makes it possible to generate an influence on the matter without the presence of a mechanical motive. Telekinesis, which is also referred to as telekinesis, is part of these abilities never demonstrated on a scientific level.

Telekinesis often appears in books and movies. One of the best known characters with telekinetic powers is Carrie White, the protagonist of the first novel written by the American Stephen King. The little girl could also use telekinesis. Matilda wormwood, character created by Roald dahl in a book released in 1988. Both plays they had successful film adaptations.

The aforementioned are not the only fictional figures that have been characterized by having that power of telekinesis. Thus, for example, there is also Prue Halliwell, who is one of the three main sisters in the television series “Charmed.” Shannen Doherty was in charge of giving life to the eldest of three witch sisters, each of whom had a specific power. His was precisely that of moving things with the power of his mind, with gestures of his hands or directly with a simple look.

Precisely in this emblematic television series, what is known as orbitational telekinesis is also discussed. Under such a unique term is established the power of a fourth sister who appears on the scene, Paige Matthews (Rose McGowan). Specifically, it is that you can move objects with your mind and, at the same time, transport them to another place through the action of orbiting.

Real-life people who claim to have telekinetic abilities include Uri Geller, an Israeli mentalist who claims to be able to bend spoons with the mind despite the fact that many accuse him of being a fraud. In Spain, this mentalist or illusionist achieved great success in the 1970s as a result of his demonstrations with telekinesis on the television program “Directísimo”, which was presented by José María Íñigo.