Knowing the etymological origin of the term Teflon is the first thing we are going to do and in this sense we can say that it derives from Greek, since it is the result of the sum of two components of that language: “tetra”, which means “four”, and “ fluoro ”, which can be translated as“ flow ”. And it is precisely that material, also called polytetrafluoroethylene, contains four fluorine atoms.

Teflon is a term that comes from Teflon, a registered trademark. The concept is currently used in reference to a material which has a great resistance to heat, is insulating and does not corrode easily.

More specifically, we can state that it is resistant to acids, hydrocarbons, various organic solvents, sunlight, humidity and even temperatures of up to 300º. All this without forgetting other of its main hallmarks such as that it is inert, that it has a low coefficient of friction or that its average melting point is 342 ºC.

Likewise, special emphasis is placed on highlighting that it is very easy to clean and that it is waterproof. All these characteristics that make it a material currently in high demand.

TeflonTeflon is often used to make pans, pans, kettles, pans and lunch boxes, among other elements that are used in the kitchen room. In these cases, the non-stick properties material (which prevents food from sticking to its surface while cooking) and is easy to clean. For instance: “I suggest you make the potato omelette in a Teflon pan so that the ingredients do not stick to the utensil”, “I would like to have Teflon pans in my kitchen, but they are very expensive”, “To prepare this recipe, you just have to sauté the vegetables in a Teflon pot and then add the broth”.

For his thermal resistance, Teflon is also used to coat cables, hoses, conduits and even aircraft. The material, on the other hand, can be used in the odontology and in the medicine in general for the manufacture of prostheses.

In addition to all the above, Teflon has a remarkable series of applications, such as the ones we present below:
-In the automotive field, it is common for it to be found as a material that shapes friction bearings.
-Within the field of plumbing it is used to prevent leaks or leaks from occurring in the joints of the threads.
-In the printing sector, injection matrices are created with Teflon.

Specifically, Teflon is the material whose scientific name is polytetrafluoroethylene. It’s about a polymer It has fluorine atoms, a feature that minimizes reactions with other substances. Flexible, Teflon acts as an electrical insulator.

The American Chemist Roy Plunkett was the creator of Teflon in 1938. Plunkett made the discovery in the framework of his work to DuPont. Because Teflon is a Mark registered of this company.