TartarThe term tartar it has an unclear etymological origin and multiple uses. The concept can refer to acid tartrate potassium: one Salt of the organic compound known as tartaric acid.

Tartar, in this sense, is found in the juice of the grape. Due to its action, a particular crust develops on the side walls and on the bottom of the containers where the must fermentation takes place during the production process. came.

The cream of tartar or cream of tartar, on the other hand, is potassium hydrogen tartrate. It is an acid salt of potassium that is part of tartaric acid. Cream of tartar is used in various gastronomic preparations to minimize the loss of colour of vegetables when boiled, reduce sugar crystallization or stabilize egg whites, to name a few possibilities.

The steak tartar or tartar steak It is a dish that is made with raw minced meat, capers, onion, pepper and other ingredients. Due to the risks involved in eating uncooked beef, the recipe it lost its reputation over the years.

Also in the kitchen room we found the tartar sauce, whose preparation involves the use of mustard, mayonnaise, olives, capers, pickles in vinegar, radishes and onion.

The tartars, on the other hand, were several ancient peoples of the region from Siberia and Eastern Europe, who conquered various European and Asian territories in the thirteenth century. This name, which serves to refer to the so-called Turkic peoples (those whose languages ​​belong to the homonymous family, spoken in territories ranging from Turkey to Central Asia and with strong links between them, and who have cultural and historical traits in common) comes from Dadaist or Ta-ta, a Mongolian tribe, 5th century

The first time that the term Tatar was used to refer to these peoples was in reference to those who dominated regions of Europe and Asia led by the Mongols, during the 13th century. Later, practically all nomadic invaders from AsiaBoth outside their western part and Mongolia, they received the same denomination.

TartarIn Russia, for example, until the 1920s the term was used Tatar to talk about various towns, which included the Siberian tribes and the Azeri Turks. To this day, most of the Tatars are found in southern and central Russia, mainly in the republic of Tatarstan, belonging to the Volga Federal District.

The Tatars, who reached the number of 10 million towards the end of the 20th century, are mostly Sunni Muslims, although this does not mean that many of them practice Orthodox Christianity. So much so that in Tatarstan, and especially in its capital, Kazan, there is an interesting combination of churches and mosques (55% of its population they are Muslim).

In the same way, it must be taken into account that there is also what is known as the Tatar language that is currently spoken by more than six million people around the world. Specifically, it is spoken in certain areas of Russia.

The Spanish journalist and writer Rosa Montero published in 2001 a novel entitled «The heart of Tartar«. The protagonist, Zarza, is a young woman with an apparently balanced life: she has managed to develop a career and feels comfortable and almost happy with her existence. Conflict arises when you receive a message from a person from the past whom you fear and hate. From that moment on, the young woman will have to face her ghosts and review certain events from her childhood that will force her to recognize her mistakes and forgive herself for them. The fundamental themes of this history they are the betrayal, the shame and the pain that both bring. Beyond the perfect framework and the way in which Montero works the tension of this novel, it stands out in a simple and careful language and a clean prose.

In addition to all the above, we cannot ignore that it is currently also used in what is our current culture in many different ways. Specifically, it is said that Tartarus is a character from the manga series “Fairy Tail” and is a kind of prison for evildoers that exists in the children’s production “My Little Pony: The Magic of Friendship.”

All this without forgetting that figures with the same name also appear in video games such as “Halo 2” and as a key space of the underworld in what is the set of novels “Percy Jackson and the gods of Olympus”, which have been created by writer Richard Russell.

We cannot ignore either the fact that tartar is a term that is also used within the realm of mythology. Specifically, in this it is used to refer to a prison that existed for titans and that was identified, among many other things, by the fact that it is presented in the form of an abyss of unimaginable depths.

Specifically, it was said that it was located in the underworld and has as much prominence in what is Roman mythology as in Greek.

Finally, Tartarus may be the name of the tartar that is formed in teeth.