Target is a term in the English language that is not part of the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE). However, it is usually used in our language with reference to a objective, a goal or a White.

The notion is used frequently in the marketing and the advertising. In this context, the target is the addressee to which a service or a product and its corresponding dissemination campaigns intend to reach.


The concept of target is used in marketing.

The target, the result of a market study

It is important to mention that the target is a ideal construction that is developed from studies of market. Suppose a brewer wants to launch a new nonalcoholic variety. After conducting an analysis of the market and consumer tastes, the company determines that the target of the product will be women between 30 and 50 years old. This means that the new non-alcoholic beer is more likely to interest this group of society, and that the advertising will be aimed at captivating this social sector.

Determine the target, also called Target market, it is very important to optimize resources. If a company wants to impose a new candy, it will most likely try to attract the attention of children since they are the traditional target for this type of product. In case this issue is not taken into account, you may be investing in advertisements that do not even reach the potential consumers of the treat.


The idea of ​​target can be used to refer to the target group of an advertisement.

Estimation errors

One of the main defects of market studies and, consequently, of the estimation of the target, is the interference produced by the prejudices, within which those associated with machismo always stand out. Among the most common examples of this phenomenon are associations from sport to men, from kitchen utensils to women and from toys to children; Just look at the real world for a second to find sporty women, foodie men, and adults who spend their entire salaries on toys.

Despite the many and very impressive advances in technology, the human being has not evolved socially enough to be in balance, and that is why modern life is so difficult and stressful. This is evident, for example, every time that a multinational company that invoices billions a year asks in its surveys if a certain product attracts more to the public. public male or female; behind the innocence of these two terms hides the cancellation of millions of people, since their meaning in this context is “heterosexual men or women”.

Target and prejudices

The search for the target for a product or service is not always optimal, but this does not prevent large companies from continuing to enrich themselves; However, if all of them implanted an open vision adapted to the times, the Benefits there would be many and for everyone. One of the factors that is slowly contributing to a change for the better is the Internet, since it gives the public the possibility to raise their voice. Through social media, anyone who feels excluded from an advertising campaign, or who finds its content offensive, can report it without much effort.

On the other side of the spectrum are those few companies that are committed to a revolution through products or services that aim to an unexpected target, or else they “believe” a new target, placing in the same group people who until then had never met in a Bell advertising.

Finally, Target is the name of a American chain of stores, a stadium of Minneapolis and a village from France.