The concept of headband comes from the Latin word cincta, in turn derived from cinctus (which can be translated as “belt”). A tape is a strip that can have multiple uses according to your features.

At a general level, tapes are used to adjust or tie something or by way of ornament. They can be made with paper, cloth and other materials that must have a certain flexibility.


The ribbons are used to adjust, secure or decorate packages.

The importance of the tape

Keep in mind that they are considered tapes to products very different from each other. That is why, in the broadest sense of the term, we find tapes that are used in different ways.

Take the case of textile tapes. They are usually made with silk and they serve for fit a dress or with the intention of providing a ornamental detail. Tapes of this type are also used in the hair as a complement.

The tapes are even relevant when putting together a package. In this case, they allow seal the packaging through a knot and are valued as ornamentation.

Symbolic uses

The tapes are often used with symbolic intent. When a edifice or a public space, to mention one case, usually cut a ribbon with the intention of showing that the place in question can already be used.

There are tapes that, due to their color, allow a message to be transmitted. This type of tape is often used on certain dates to provide an awareness message. The Pink Ribbon is associated with the fight against breast cancer, for example, while the red ribbon is linked to AIDS.

The tape in sport

Within the framework of rhythmic gymnastics, the tape is one of the so-called gadgets (accessories that athletes use to develop their routines). These tapes are usually made of satin and they are attached to a stylet (a rod that holds them).

Ribbons are also used in many choreographies. The dancers move the ribbons to the rhythm of the music.

The presence of the tapes in the sport it is also given in those competitions that award medals to the winners. Thus, the medal is attached to a ribbon that the athlete can place around the neck.


A magnetic tape allows the recording of sound and other signals.

Information storage

A Magnetic tape is a strip covered with a magnetized material that enables the recording of signals generated by data, images or sounds. These signals can be reproduced on the appropriate device.

What these tapes allow is the analog storage of information. The video tape used in the Vhs (Video Home System) and the audio tape used in cassettes are some of these articles.

Magnetic tapes even served to house video game. Computer Commodore 64 it was one of the machines capable of reproducing games recorded on magnetic tapes.

More tapes

The tape enumeration can be very extensive. A Scotch tape has at least one face impregnated with a glue to achieve the union of different elements. If the adhesive tape is made of vinyl and is used to cover the splices of an electrical conductor, it is called insulating tape or duct tape.

The measuring tape presents a scale and allows the measurement of lengths. The strip in question is usually divided into centimeters and meters.

To the mechanical device with a band that moves to facilitate the transfer of persons or merchandise is known as conveyer belt. A treadmillFinally, it is a machine whose band can be moved by the action of a motor or manual propulsion and which is used for physical exercise.