The taoism is a philosophy arisen from Tao te ching (also know as Tao Te King or Dào Dé Jīng), a work that would have been written by Lao Tse at 6th century BC. Its pillar is the CAT, a concept that is usually understood as the way or the method and that refers to the essence of the universe.

TaoismFor the Taoists, the CAT is the order of the nature that governs existence. This order cannot be named, although it is made manifest through various questions that do have a name.

Taoism was born as philosophical doctrine but then some currents developed that turned it into religion. Even with the years it was conjugated with the buddhism and with him confucianism.

Among the most significant principles that sustain Taoism, we can refer to the following:
-Believe in the brotherhood of each and every one of the men and also in what is the spirituality of what the material domains come to be.
-Determine that any action encourages the creation of an opposing force. Hence, therefore, the sages consider that the way to find action will be through inaction.
– Affirms that only what is Tao will last forever, man will pass, for his part, because it is finite.

Taoists aspire to immortality, understanding this concept as the possibility of achieving harmony with the elements of nature and transcending one’s own be. That is why they consider Lao Tse and other great personalities as immortals.

The concept of Yin Yang It is also very important for Taoism as it evidences the duality of the universe. The idea is based on the fact that there are three forces that interact in reality: the yin, the yang and the CAT. The first two are opposing forces that complement each other and act as one: an active force and a passive force. The CATfor its part, it is the superior force that contains both.

Taoism, in short, aspires to the harmony of the human being and the CAT through sacrifice, meditation, honesty, goodness and piety, among other virtues. Importantly, however, it lacks a dogma.

In addition to everything discussed so far, it is worth knowing another series of aspects that are really unique to Taoism, such as the following:
-It is considered that the aforementioned main text on which it is based, also called “Book of reason and virtue”, is one of the shortest religious books that exist in all of history. And it is that it only has 5,000 words.
-One of his main slogans or ideas that powerfully attract attention is that he comes to compare man with bamboo. Why? Because it is considered that the human being, like this plant, is straight and useful although hollow in what is the interior.
– At present, it is believed that Taoism is followed by a total of about 50 million people, spread throughout the world, although it is considered that it is in Asia where it has more “followers.”